Tuesday, September 18, 2007


I don't know why, but I have the hardest time keeping track of where my husband happens to be when he travels! It can be a little uncomfortable when someone asks, "Where is your husband now?" About 99% of the time I start out with a very blank look, wracking my brain, hoping that by some miracle I will be able to muster out his exact location before the silence becomes too long..."Okay, think, think, think!!! Ohio, Nebraska, Tennessee...oh, what city did he say he was driving into on his way to his hotel after work when I talked to him last night? A very common city in Tennessee..wait, he doesn't go to Tennessee..Oh, Iowa?" Then I am forced to confess, "Ummm, very good question! I will have to ask him again when I talk to him tonight! I just know that he's gone. He left on Sunday and he comes back on Friday afternoon! That's all that affects me cause then I'm a single mom for that time. Where he is just for some reason doesn't stick with me!" I get some pretty amazed looks! He only travels to a few locations here in the U.S. and infrequently goes out of the country. Now if he's in Mexico I can't forget...everyone asked me when they heard he's in Mexico, "Oh, is he there on vacation or otherwise?" Then I have to give them the amazed look! I say, "In Mexico on vacation???? In the middle of summer??? (for one thing, who would go there in the middle of summer?) Without me????" He wouldn't take a vacation without me, bless his heart! Only I can understand exactly how much this vacation means! What would either of us do on a vacation, especially in another country where we know no one, wandering around aimlessly not sure what to do with ourselves after nearly 11 years of being completely, 100% attached to these helpless, needy little individuals (our children) by ourselves??? Even if we didn't enjoy each other's company, we would need someone else to take up space next to us or we probably would break out in hives or some other allergic reaction from our minds and bodies completely unable to process life without another individual planted at our side! If he's in England, all I can think about is, "I wonder if he'll find me something amazing like last time?" He has incredibly good tastes when it comes to shopping for me! I think he knows my style better than I do myself! So England I don't forget either! So far those are the only international locations he's made and so far it's only been England once and Mexico going on twice, as of next Tuesday. See? I remember that he's leaving for Mexico on Tuesday! Right now, I am not completely 100% sure of where he is but I think it's Hamburg, Iowa! And, I know that he comes home Thursday!!! Not too bad, I think!


carrie & troy keiser said...

You're pretty funny yourself! I found you through Dawn Meehan's blog. Keep up the good fight!

Darla said...

Thanks! I do have to say that if one didn't find the humor in moments that behold humor, life really can be pretty overwhelming! That's usually how my anger or frustration diffuses is in the middle of an intense and disasterous moment, I will suddenly see the humor in the moment (or one of my kids will) and I usually end up not quite as worked up as I had just been moments before! :)