Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Oh NO!!! I did it AGAIN!!!

Today I went over to my husband's oldest brother's and his wife's home for lunch. My husand's youngest brother was visiting with his wife and their young son. None of us had seen their baby yet since they live in another state so this was their first trip back here since the baby was born. I was just relaxing and visiting..I had only one of my kids with because the other four were still in school so I was truly relaxed, when my father-in-law asked, "So, where is Eric now?" I stopped and did the brain freeze, "Uh, oh! Here's The Question again! I purposely drilled it into my head too, when I just talked to him...was it last night?" I quickly unfroze and said, "Ummm, Nebraska!!" I was kinda proud that I remembered, instead of trying the Tennessee thing again! Then I thought, "No! I purposely was gonna remember 'hamburger' so I would remember! " "No! It was Iowa! Hamburg, Iowa! Now I remember! He flew into Nebraska City, Nebraska, is staying in a hotel in Omaha, Nebraska and works in Hamburg, Iowa!" Now I was sailing!!! ;) Not even 10 minutes later when the younger brother arrived, the first thing he asked me was, "Now where did Eric go again?" Teeny, teeny brain freeze, then, "Nebraska!!!" His oldest brother (I didn't even know he was listening) pipes in, with a smirk, "Now, you just told us Iowa!" I had this tiny blank pause in my brain, then remembered! "Oh, yeah! Oops! He is staying in a hotel in Nebraska...Omaha, to be exact, and working in Hamburg, Iowa!" Then tonight when I talked to my husband again, I told him, pretty proudly, "Honey, I finally got it right! I told your family that you're working in Hamburg, Iowa, you flew into Nebraska City, Nebraska, and you are staying in a hotel in Omaha!!!" He just replied, "Flew into Omaha and am staying in Nebraska City!" I just had to laugh and say, "Well, I'm getting closer!!!" What do you do? I have so many other things to remember.....

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