Monday, September 24, 2007

The "Turd" Word

Tonight when I was typing the "About Me" post (which, after all that typing, I ended up somehow losing and had to retype), my 3-year-old was busy talking and talking to me, hanging on my right arm and trying to poke buttons on the keyboard. Thanks to my martial arts training, I was able to put some of my blocking skills to use and deflect the jabs she was attempting, all the while busily typing. Then she got smart and snuck a finger to the mouse and clicked on something and made some things appear on the screen that shouldn't have appeared there...some box that gave me a lot of choices that I didn't take the time to read. I just decided to get it off the screen quickly before she managed to push the clicker again and with my luck delete the whole blog!!! As I kinda panicked and quickly grabbed the mouse from her, I said, "Oh you little turd!!!" She started laughing so hysterically that she could hardly hold herself up and had to lean her head directly on my right arm, so I was pretty much stuck, unable to type anymore! I just looked at her in total bewilderment until she said, "Say it again!" Then it dawned on me and I asked her, "Oh, are you laughing 'cause I called you a little turd?" to which she just dissolved into unconrollable gales of laughter once again! Needless to say, I started laughing with her...then, as a side note, did my motherly duty and said, "Umm, maybe Mommy should have picked a little better word to use with you, like 'You little turkey!'" Somehow that didn't quite have the same effect on her!


Paul*HolleeAnn*Jordan said...

surfing blogs...stumbled upon yours. i really enjoyed reading it, and i loved this post...especially the bit your martial arts true. we all have to use them now and again, right?!

i am finding myself drawn to other blogging moms. its a whole new world and i am lving the common kid connection.

do stop by and take a look-see at my bloggy goodness. and i will continue popping in here to see whats new in your world.


houseofdanes said...

Thanks for commenting on my blog. I do indeed have four grown kids and thanks for the compliment thought my body is slowly fading and fast!!! It's true what SOME say after 40 it all goes downhill.
I read about your running and I too used to be a runner. I miss it more than you can imagine. I broke my ankle and now my knee needs to be replaced so I barely go for a nice long walk anymore let alone run. Good luck with your baby. Bedrest?? Are you ok? I too had a few nail biting pregnancies and I know how stressful it can be..
finally the Danes.. I love em! They can be very stubborn but at least mine are big babies. Two we rescued so they have their issues. Rufus you can move too quickly or he ducks thinking you'll hit him and Marley has no bottom teeth ( the former owners apparently weren't shy about using pool cues on them because they were stubborn) We've really had no major issues with anyof the three and soon we'll have a big brood when Marley gives birth.. want another one :)??
I have to go back and read you full blog but what part of the country are you from? We're in Wisconsin.
Keep in touch!

Dawn said...

LOL!!! And you just KNOW your little darling will repeat what you said at the most inopportune time - say in the middle of church service "Turd! Turd! Turd!"

houseofdanes said...

How is your best rest going? When are you due Darla?

houseofdanes said...

shoot that was supposed to be bed rest... dah.... anyway just thinking of you, checked out your blog to see if you had anything new to write.

carrie & troy keiser said...

Holy cow! How funny! kids are great for a laugh ... especially someone else's kids! :-)

Darla said...

I had to chuckle when I saw the "best rest". I hadn't actually even noticed that you had written it until I saw your correction. I would say in some ways, even though hard to just lie around all day, it does qualify for "best rest"! You have a perfectly legitimate and medically-necessary reason to be a bum and update your blog and My Family pages without guilt! And read, and play "Fowl Words" (given 7 letters, make as many words as you can in 2 minutes, with chickens clucking periodically), and snooze.... Sorry it took so long to respond to your comments...I had the baby!!! I think I had written on each of your blogs that it was about 4-5 hrs after posting this was about 4-5 hrs after posting this entry, then doing all of the above as I mentioned, finally tucking in about 1a.m.