Saturday, September 15, 2007


A couple days ago, I had been taking my three-year-old Kaisa out of the tub when she requested that I sing, "Happy Birthday to you!" I obliged. When I got to, "Happy Birthday dear ........" she inserted, "Kaisa!" So we completed this birthday song to Kaisa. Afterward I sang the, "How old are you?" part of the song, to which she answered, "TEN!!!" She said this at each point in the song that it asks, "How old are you?" Then she asked me to sing the "How old are you?" part again and this time answered, "THREE!" Later, she was in the bathroom cleaning out her potty chair with wipes and I was in the dining room sweeping the floor. I didn't realize it but I was either humming or whistling the "Happy Birthday to you" song (or the "How old are you?" song). I could hear Kaisa the whole time just chattering non-stop in the bathroom, but as soon as the hummed/whistled version of my song ended, her chattering stopped and I heard this chipper, "THREE!" come out of the bathroom! She obviously was listening to what I was humming out there and felt obliged then to answer the unasked question of, "How old are you Kaisa? How old are you?" I laughed so hard!!!

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