Sunday, April 20, 2008

As Our World Spins....

Well, our whole world has changed many times since I last posted! A couple of the major earth-shattering changes I'm going to leave out because I don't have the mental energy to get into it. The more recent ones are that my dear hubby had foot surgery April 10th and I've stepped back into the fuller time working world temporarily. The funny thing is, for some reason I don't really feel like I put in 39 hours (versus my normal 9) last week. Except I have this weird sensation, kind of like when I had a couple D&C's, like I would have been put under and periodically woken up to find a whole day or a couple of them have passed and I don't really feel like they have! Also, we found out on Eric's post-op appointment with his surgeon last Tuesday, that not only is he off work for 6-8 weeks, he is non-weight bearing on his gimpy foot for at least 6 weeks!!! That means, he can't pick up the baby and stand with her, carry her, go heat up a frozen bottle for her at night when I'm at work. This puts a whole new perspective on our lives. Every time I leave for work on a week night (school night), I need to pump a bottle right before I leave and leave it at bedside, along with diapers and wipes, so my husband can feed her a "ready" bottle during the night. A freshly pumped bottle can be left at room temp for 8-10 hours, so this works out nicely. Only, it adds a little to my evening routine!!! (On the weekends, our 2 oldest daughters can get up and heat a bottle for him)

Just getting Eric out of the house is a huge challenge, although it is progressively getting easier. I have to hang onto him from behind to ensure he doesn't fall down the steps as he is hobbling down with 2 crutches and one foot. The first time we did this, I went down the stairs backing up in front of him!!! This is a big guy, at least 2 1/2 times my weight. What were we thinking? That I would be his cushion to land on as he plows into me on his way down, taking me with him to the bottom? I could just see it, as the dust settles, I would still be clutching to the fistful of pants that I managed to grab ahold of on the way down, just feeling victorious that at least I got a good hold of him and didn't let go!!!

Eric has almost fallen a couple of times now while crutching about the house. He had two bones, or a joint, fused together in his foot so if he puts any pressure (by falling, walking, driving-yes, he was in a delirious state, due to cabin fever, and yesterday wondered if he could ask his surgeon on Tuesday for permission to drive!!!!!) and the bones shift at all or just plain old separate, he messes up his whole surgery. *side note: I think I did get through the haze of delirium and make it crystal clear, I hope, why driving just ain't a good idea*

Okay, enough about that! Now, I'm really excited about my sister's and my business. We got a call the other day.....I was debating if I should wait until after Tuesday morning's meeting to say anything just so I wouldn't jinx us, but decided against it....from some lady. She said that this Senior Center where we've been twice now to introduce our services would like us to be the exclusive....wait. I better not say cause I'm sure I won't remember exactly what she said and then I will not only jinx us but will make a fool of myself and come back on here after Tuesday's meeting and say that it was just some weirdo trying to make a sneaky sale (we've had that happen several times...just on the phone though, no one has gone the the lengths of setting up a meeting)! More on Tuesday or whenever I get on here next to post.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

In Hiatus!

In case anybody noticed, I haven't been blogging much lately. Our computer monitor went on the blinx a few weeks ago and we have actually all enjoyed the break from too much of the outside world. I have a business laptop that I can keep up with emails and such and really could keep this updated but I've just chosen not to. I'm not sure if anyone's been by lately or not. I periodically check the site meter to see what number it's on. Then the next time I visit my own blog, I might remember to look at the number again. I don't know why I bother; I can't remember from the time before even remotely where the number was. It might have gone up. Maybe it stayed the same. It could have even gone down for all I know. People may begin to take their visits back since I haven't updated in a while! All I know is that I don't get as many visits as Dawn Meehan's blog, "Because I Said So!" Or suburbancorrespondent's, "The More, The Messier!" Or "Navel Gazing at its Finest" or the variety of other blogs I like to check into ("The Upside", "Little But Loud"-everyone needs to read at least the post about mammograms on her blog!, "The Keiser Family" and...can't remember the rest of the names just right now) because with the site meter right at 2300, it's not high enough to have that kind following. Which is all fine with me, I think I would feel a little bit of pressure with that kind of following! :)

Anyway, I still will update this from time to time but mostly I will just pop into other people's blogs and enjoy their writings! Happy Spring, everyone! Remember, positive thinking can't hurt...we need a bit more Springy weather already!