Monday, June 15, 2009

Dizzy Dad!

This story is a bit reminescent this story, when my lovely hubby forgot we had a baby, or didn't realize the fussing baby his buddy was bouncing along with his own youngest child was, in fact, his very own daughter.

A few days ago, my husband and I stopped by a garage sale near our place. We only had our newborn baby along with us. As I walked up the driveway carrying the baby in his carseat, the man of the house said, "Free babysitting while you shop!" So I left the carseat near him and began to browse.

After browsing through many fine items and conversing a bit with the man and lady of the house, the lady shouted across the way to me, "How old is your baby?" I answered, "Eight weeks." She said, "Okay, I didn't think he was that old!" End of story. Or so I thought.

I think it was already the next day that my husband asked me, "Now how old is the baby?" I told him, "Eight weeks." He kind of muttered to himself, "Okay, so that would be about three months..?, more like.. two .. months..." Then, a very sheepish grin, "I told someone the baby's about five months!"

I kind of gave him a quick look and said, "You did? Who did you tell that to?" He said, "That guy at the garage sale. He asked me, 'How old is your baby?' and I said, 'mmm, about five, six months. Yeah, about five months..I think..!' I did add, 'I think!'"

I said, "Oh, funny...did you notice then that his wife asked me later how old the baby is? What if they compared notes later?...Wait a minute. Was his wife right there when you told him?" My husband replied, "Yes, she was!" I said, "Okay, that explains it. After I told her how old he is, she said, 'Okay, I didn't think he was that old!' She didn't buy your version of his age!"

My husband gave another sheepish grin and said, "I don't know what I was thinking! I mean, I know he was just born in April. I know that it hasn't been five months since April. I mean, I didn't do the math or anything. I just kinda threw that number out there! I wasn't really thinking, I couldn't really come up with anything so I just kinda pulled a number out that seemed like the right one!"

Dizzy dude!!! Gotta love the guy. I think he's one of those kind that is so smart he's.....dumb? :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wordful (and Picture FULL) Wednesday: The Month (or Two) In Review

Here's the little man, getting bigger! And the two babies keeping an eye on each other in the van. This is Memorial Day weekend. There's a shot of my oldest and youngest taking a nap together at the cabin we rented.

At the cemetery where my mom and infant brother are buried. On the left, "Um, you're standing on someone there! Hellooo!" (The 11 y.o. to the 12 y.o.)

Two of the girls standing at my mom's grave site. The 4 y.o. had just woken up while we were there and stumbled out of the van, walked over where my mom's headstone is, sat down and just was... She didn't really stare at it but more just was in her own world, gazing at the headstone. I had snapped a few more that turned out much better (here she kind of sensed me there and stretched and turned around) but they clearly had our family name on the stone and I would prefer not to have that on this blog.

Dad and girls......then one gravesite that had the most beautiful purple flowers growing all over and one precious angel sitting in the thickest part. The little footstone it is sitting watch over is one of a small child, an infant, if I am remembering correctly.

Homeschool projects:

Chicks one day old in first two pics, then about a month old in last picture. They are laying hens and will reside at my husband's parents' place, where we will take care of them and gather eggs, sharing them with our in-laws.

"The Secret Garden"
This was part of my Mother's Day gift from my husband and kids. They secretly had it tilled and partially seeded without my knowledge of it. This, too, is at my husband's parents' house.

Art Day! One of the girls picked mask-making so they were given only that for direction. I was very impressed how creative they were! I didn't get many pictures because my memory card was full and it was so time consuming to delete pictures.
Here's a phy-ed shot. The older two are teaching the younger one how to ride bike.

Everyone's enjoying Daddy being home from a business trip!

Oh, So Tired!

The little fella looks like he's already taken a few lessons from Dad. Church time is just so hard to keep the eyes open! Sooo relaxing!

Another niece's wedding! She's my godchild and married her sister's husband's brother. They are SOOO delightfully cute!

A girl and her dog! It was a dress-up day for the big girls that day!

Oh, I've got a kazillion and two more pictures to post but I will spare you all until I have another chance to blog! :) Actually I'm getting down to not too many more!

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

A few pictures at a time....

Well, here are some of the photos I uploaded the other day (as you will see on the date is actually 6/9/09). I just haven't had time to get back on here to finish up the photos and stories. These were taken quite a while ago. These were from when baby was maybe 1 1/2 wks old. The one picture on the top I will explain in another post...they are baby chicks that were one day old at the time.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Another busy baby! :)

I've had so much to write about in the last month but I have another lap baby. For the most part, he is so happy and long as I'm holding him 24/7. I'm not even exaggerating at all!

You know what though? I'm quite confident that I won't still be holding him in another year even. I think that time spent now keeping him feeling secure and happy will be paid back by a content and happy baby later on. I remember our last baby was the same way and now is such of a card, happy to be running around exploring and entertaining, with only occasional pit stops in my lap. So, in the meantime, I keep taking pictures and collecting little stories in my mind that I think, "When I get a minute or ten, I will go post these pictures and tell these stories. When I get a minute...." So far that minute or ten have been hard to come by, so by the time I actually sit down to tell my tales and post my pictures, I probably won't remember much of anything anymore that I had meant to post but I'm quite confident I will have new stories to tell! :)