Wednesday, September 19, 2007

I'm SUPPOSED to be semi-bedrest!!!

I have a tendency to have my babies a little early...nothing too alarming, but I start to dilate and efface too early and have everyone on the edge of their seats for a few weeks before I have our babies! They have ranged from 8 days to 3 weeks early (and ranged in weights from 7lbs, 15oz to 9 lbs, 8 ozs!! Well, the 3 weights in between were 8lbs, 6oz, 8lbs, 8oz, and 8lbs, 9ozs...all early!!!!) Well, this time is no exception...I am not out to let anyone down here! At 32 weeks, baby was already at station "0", cervix had effaced to about 70% gone, and I had started to dilate already, 1-1 1/2. A week later, the only change is an 80% effacement. Well, needless to say, with 5 lovely cherubs, 2 young dogs and a husband out of town, it's pretty hard to "engage in only extremely light activities" like my doctor has mandated, but I have done relatively well. Tonight though, I was sure I would absolutely drop my baby out! We have a Great Dane "puppy" who is, at about 14 mos. old, over 100 lbs, and a newly adopted Beagle 3-yr-old, who is a relatively adjusted, mentally stable young dog. Our Great Dane is having some male issues of wanting to show he's dominant (he was here first!). It's taken awhile for us to slowly acclimate the 2 dogs to each other but tonight I decided that they are probably used to each other enough to move their crates near each other instead of at opposite ends of the house. Shortly after Hailey, the Beagle, was moved over into Mac's territory, we kenneled (crated) Hailey to let Mac out and about and to get used to the idea that his little buddy was going to be nearer to him than he had been used to. He immediately ran over to her crate, puffed his chest and stood as tall as he could..all the while with his ears plastered back against his head and tail between his legs (in other words, a bit intimidated by her but pretending he was so tough). She barked at him to back off and he took off running to the back of the house to the bedroom Hailey's crate had previously been. He then came out of the bedroom, draining his watermelon-sized bladder all the way down the entire length of the hallway, into the living room, onto the area rug, circling the entire rug (over our kindergartner's new tennis shoes for school) and was busted just as he was depositing the rest of his enormous tank on the rug, then floor right in front of the couch!!! I jumped up faster than any non-pregnant lady could have possibly jumped up and was after him SO fast, yelling, "NOOOOO, MAAAAC!!!!" I RAN down the stairs, with him in close pursuit, all the while fuming!!! "I HATE this DOG stuff that we have to deal with now!!! That's it! The dogs are gone!!!!" (and yes, by tomorrow I probably will like him again). I flew out the door with him to let him finish emptying his super-sized bladder, if there could possibly be anything left in it....only to have him continue to sniff EVERYWHERE for Hailey's scent, as if to say, "Ok, where has she been? Where? WHERE?" and never even bothered to finish peeing out there! He had suddenly decided enough was enough with this little pint-sized female coming in and slowly taking over his territory and decided to really mark his territory!!! My oldest daughter said that it was very clearly no accidental pottying (he had just been out about 1 1/2-2 hours before and definitely holds it longer than that!); she said that the entire time he was flowing, he was sniffing, sniffing, sniffing for Hailey's scent. I think he marked the rug extra well because he considers that his rug and she had been spending an awful lot of time on it lately!!! I mean, this is a very well house-trained dog and rarely has accidents. Now I am so sore! It feels like I've pulled a thigh muscle as well as lowered my abdominal range even lower...didn't think it was possible for this baby to be any lower but I think all that running caused the uterus to force its way a few more inches down!!! Yikes am I going to be in trouble if I go into labor so soon (I'm now 33 1/2 weeks). Let's all cross our fingers and toes that I hang in there for another 2 1/2 to 3 1/2 weeks still!!! :)


carrie & troy keiser said...

Holy Heck! I would have killed the dog! I now remember why we don't have any pets. Thanks for the reminder :-P So, do you know, are you having another girl? I think you deserve the Wonder Woman award.... I'm adding you to my list so think of some wonder women and share the golry! Thanks for stopping by my blog it is always fun to "meet" new people to share experiences with. Have a great day.

Darla said...

Yes, we found out that we are having another girl! We haven't told most people except I've told most of my sisters and our two oldest daughters. So we will be up to a half a dozen girls!!! Bring 'em on, I say! :) I'm not sure I would know what to do with a boy at this point! I think I would seriously go into culture shock if we had a baby of the male variety! Actually, if we do have a boy, I know it would be awesome but really it doesn't rattle me at all that we are having our 6th girl in a row! I always have more girl names picked out than boy names. Would you believe, after all this time, we have only had 2 different boy names picked out, with the same middle name, mind you? And with each baby, and this is even before knowing that they are girls, I have already lined up a minimum of 3 girl names in case it's a girl!!! Now all I have to do is buy some Dreft and dig into our baby tote...all girl clothes and girl accessories! Easy, easy, easy!!! :)

carrie & troy keiser said...

I have a friend who has 6 boys and they recently had a baby.... it was a girl! she was like you thought she'd be in culture shock, but I think she's having fun dressin' up her daughter and the boys are SO protective of her and just think she's great.... so it could happen :-) Have fun!