Sunday, April 26, 2009

More on our Mr. Man...

Some quick stories if I can squeeze them in before the Prince decides it's time to eat again:

Right when I called to my sister's to tell her and our kids that we had the baby, our almost 11 y.o. answered. I told her, "Well, we had the baby!" She asked, "What did you have, boy or girl." (My question mark doesn't work on my keyboard) I told her, "Guess!" She said, "Girl!" I said, "Nope! A boy!" Her first comment was, "Mom! Dad still has to do most of the diapers now, right (quest. mark)" :) I told her, "Absolutely!" Her, "Whew!"

Story behind the comment: Once upon a time, many years ago, a wise man and his foolish wife made a deal. After their firstborn child (a girl) was born, the man told his foolish wife, "I just have such of a hard time doing a little girl's diaper. It just gives me the hibbies (accompanied by a little shiver and shudder) washing out all those little girl parts. How 'bout if you do most of the girls' diapers, then I will do most of our boys' diapers!" The very, very foolish wife agreed!!! Guess who has kicked herself 5 hardy kicks or more since that deal was made!

The reason our almost-eleven-year-old has taken such interest in who will change the diapers: Once upon a time, this same foolish woman was with seventh child. Her very wise husband, without knowing the gender of the child (but surely was covering his bases just in case this was a boy-child), informed the almost-eleven-year-old that since our eldest daughter had done so many diapers with the last two babies, it was time for her to begin the duty of diaper changing with the next baby. He said, "You had better practice a bit now before the next baby is born because you will be doing many diapers with the next baby!"

One day, as the almost-eleven-year-old was lamenting her fate, the foolish woman suddenly had a clear moment in her very foggy brain and remembered The Deal, made so many years ago with her wise husband. "Wait one stinking minute, my dear daughter! One day, almost 13 years ago, your daddy and I made a deal...." And thus, the almost-eleven-year-old was enlightened of the details.

Hence, the sudden interest of the almost-eleven-year-old of her daddy's involvement in diaper changing.

Now, I will post a few more pictures of our newest addition and will have to wait until the next post to tell you more of the Princess' reactions to the news of the Prince's arrival.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

IT'S. A. BOY!!!!!!!

Can y'all about believe it...I didn't even think it was possible! It's not like it makes any difference to us if we have all girls but it just is surprising that after we had six girls that we could have a boy! :)

My husband and I went furniture shopping Tuesday night. I was in the frame of mind that I need a rocker recliner before our baby is born. I've never had a good rocking chair for any of my babies and oftentimes, at least in the beginning, I've had babies that love to be held all night or they won't sleep.

We found a perfect chair after about 3 furniture stores. We also needed a couch so we found a couch there too. We took the chair home that night (the couch will be delivered in a few weeks). After we were home for only a couple hours and all the kids were sleeping, I started to doze off on my new chair. After about 15 minutes, I woke up suddenly with contractions. They were entirely bearable but I could tell these were for real (versus the false labor I had been experiencing off and on all weekend). They started out from the first contraction at 4-6 minute intervals. I called my sister a couple times to first see if she could come and stay the rest of the night with the kids if I ended up going in, and second, if she thought I should go in. My contractions were regular but not so painful that I could just yak easily the entire time. I finally decided after about 3 hours that it was time to go in and see what progression I had made. I went in and was at a 4+ (versus 3+ the afternoon before, at my doctor's appointment). I was effaced to about 80% versus the 70% the day before.

After about an hour I was at a 5 and about 80% still. They decided that I was going to be staying so I was admitted to a labor room. The rest of the labor and delivery was absolutely picture perfect. I had adequate time to get an epidural, waited for our doctor of choice to get on duty at 7 before they broke my water (at about 7:30), then delivered at a little after 9:30.

Our baby is very, very easy...even though he is one of those that has to be held or he won't rest well. We definitely are not complaining! He wouldn't be in a crib ever anyway because there is always someone waiting to hold him.

I will have to tell a few hilarious stories from when the girls found out we had a boy. They will have to wait though because our little prince is waiting to eat!

I would post some pictures but can't find the camera I do have a cord for that I could use to transfer some pics onto here. I can only find our new camera, for which I have lost the cord and probably wouldn't know how to operate anyway as far as transferring pics, even if I did find the cord!

More later! :)