Wednesday, July 29, 2009

"Little Kids Have Eyes!!!"

Daddy brought the girls to the gym the other evening. Afterwards, he brought them into the family locker room. The three older girls he had with went into one large shower room to shower and change and he and our 4 y.o. went into another.

As they shut the door, our 4 y.o. told her dad, "Now, don't look at me!" He said, "Okay. Then you don't look at me either."

After showering, drying off, and beginning to get dressed, my hubby dropped something, which in turn caused our little daughter to look sharply in his direction. He looked at her and said, "Hey! You looked at me!" She gave a big sigh and said, "Little kids have eyes! We have to look! If we didn't, everything would be dark and we would keep bumping into things!!!"

So there, Dad!!!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Computer Savvy....

I am not! Well, savvy for that matter...I am not! I'm flubbing my way from one thing to another. Just a few weeks ago, I was trying to find someone's blog I had been following that seemed to have just up and disappeared. I finally looked on my follower list, clicked on something, then maybe something else, then, next thing I knew, I was following myself!!! And I couldn't, for love or money or really kind words to the computer or bribery, get myself off my tail!!!! I do not know how to get myself off my followers list! Oh well, I guess I will just be like a dog, chasing my own tail for the rest of my blog life.

Another thing...a few years after making a profile, I was looking at my information I have on there at the same time as I was updating my profile picture, and I noticed I had written "Tom Grisham books". It's John Grisham, I think! Or...Tom! John Grisham! Now I'm second guessing myself!!! I'll have to Google that now.

It seems like almost everything lately is going in this manner. I think I need a mental health break....or something! I would even settle for a beach day...even a beach half-day!

Now I'll see if I can get some pics put on here and blog for a little bit. I'm at work and I've so far used all my down time trying to figure out how to put pictures on my new header! I don't even know if I will know how to get the header on here!!! :)

July in Review:

The Dane

Toddlers in Motion
(These photos were taken within about a 30 second time frame)

(My sisters two boys...the older one was holding the baby. Big Boy fell asleep, Baby began fussing, Big Boy quickly scooped Baby closer and inserted Baby's pacifier in his sleep!)


The Projects:

The Old

The New
The Inside of The New
(Although it was a year old, it had never been used)
The Installer Runner-Up
(I had taken out the old, unhooked everything, and was ready to install the new one when I noticed it need to be hardwired, not plugged in like it had been in its previous home. I was going to do the wiring too but decided that The Children might still need The Mother. The Dad has done lots and lots of hardwiring in his lifetime. Lots! So he became The Chosen Hardwirer!)

The Installed

The New

Uhhhh, where did The Old go! I guess I forgot to upload the pic of the old sink!

The Testers

Yup! It passes as a bathtub too!!!

Oh. One more The Old, The New:

Oops! It isn't letting me add any more pics. "Enough!" it said. So here is:
(missing) The Old
The Older (but new pic)

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Sunday, July 5, 2009

Just for Fun!

This is our form of entertainment:

And toddlerville at its best. Big sister as Kanga, little sister as Roo. Roo keeps up with the latest technology...cell phone in a pouch!