Monday, September 10, 2007


Well, I'm on week 33 of my pregnancy. On my last visit 3 weeks ago my doctor had the nerve to try to short me by about 5 days! I asked him when I start coming in more frequently, 'cause I was 30 weeks, 1 day at the time. He said, "Let's see, you're 29 weeks now, so make an appt for in 3 weeks and we'll start the every 2 week visits at that point!" I had to clear my throat and say, "Ahem, I think I'm at 30 weeks now!" He looked at my chart and said, "It says here that your due date is 11/9.." and I said (very kindly but quite determinedly...I mean, don't argue with a Pregnant Lady!!!.. right?), "And you said with my first ultrasound (at 9 or 10 weeks...waaaayyy too long ago to start changing it NOW, right?) that due to the baby's size, you will definitely go with the ultrasound date of 11/4..." So, he looks back in my chart and says, "Oh, yes, you're right (I KNEW THAT!), we'll have to change that!" THEN he proceeds to look at December's page in the calendar to look at the "change over day" and looks at 12/4, a Tuesday, instead of 11/4, a Sunday. He says, "Okay, so tomorrow you are technically 30 weeks!" Now, I realize he was close, but PLEASE don't cheat me any days, not even two!!! So I had to smile politely and say, "No...yesterday should have been the changeover day..I was 30 weeks yesterday. My brother-in-law, Dan, even figured it out for my sister, Gina, who is EXACTLY 4 weeks ahead of me, to the day! I was confused then, but NOT anymore!!!" So he goes BACK in the calendar and discovers his mistake and says, "Oh silly me! How could I keep messing this up? (My question exactly! ) You're right! You are now technically 30 weeks, one day!" Oh, to be pregnant!!! Like I always tell my kids, "Don't mess with The Pregnant Lady!!!"

P.S. They've asked me, "Why do you always say that? Even to the dogs?" I just tell them, "Just don't take any chances.. this pertains to the dogs too.. and you won't need to worry about it! " And, on a side note, yes I did say "dogS", meaning more than one!!! A few weeks ago we "adopted" a 3 year old Beagle, Hailey. She is MUCH easier for the kids to handle than Mac (whom we all do still love dearly, I might add). I didn't really love the thought of having two dogs but our Mac was getting really bad about wanting to get off his cable in the yard and "play" with other dogs and he's way too huge to play his style of playing with neighborhood dogs (jumping up on them...lawsuit-city with hip dysplasia being a problem with some dogs!). We decided between that and the girls probably won't be able to really handle Mac until he's at least 2 years old or more, it would be nice to have a smaller dog that they can tend to. She has been an excellent dog for the kids...they do 100% of her cares including pottying, brushing, washing, feeding, watering, walking, dressing up, etc. She loves kids and is extremely tolerant of their handling, which is a little too loving at times! She has actually been really good for Mac too 'cause if he ever goes overboard barking at her in excitement, she will run up to him and start barking in his face and he right away backs off with his ears plastered back to his head, a sign of submission in dogs. Then she quickly gets over it and waddles on her way! He's actually mellowing out now with her around!

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