Sunday, February 7, 2010

AD(no H)D

Oh,boy! I have at least a million times intended to update this but every time I sit down to type, my brain short-circuits! I feel like I have ADD...definitely no H, there's actually no "activity", much less "hyperactivity"! I am pooped!!!

Hubby has been slow at work since maybe October or so. That means, 3 day weeks, or 24 hour weeks. That translates into, Mama better pick up some shifts! I did when I could, which made for a hectic household over Christmas time. It was pretty fun and special too, though. My husband was around more so he became more patient with the kids, they got pretty attached to him being around, and he took over the baking for Christmas, for the most part. I am tellling you, we had buckets and buckets and buckets of the best sugar cookies in the world, we discovered the best frosting in the world to go onto those sugar cookies...we found the best gingerbread cookie recipe (we got a Pillsbury Baking Book for our wedding and now finally use it a lot)!!! Then I made a lot of pulla (Finnish cardamom-flavored cinnamon roll braided loaf...some also in the shape of Christmas trees with frosting and red and green M&M's), karjalan piirakat, liha piirakat (more Finnish baked goods...I wrote them in Finnish 'cause there is really no comparison in English and then my two sisters who read this, one who is in Finland and the other who lives nearby, can appreciate my baking spree)... Don't let me whine that I haven't lost much baby weight this time and my baby is already almost 10 months old!!!

Now, my husband has been travelling, which is great for us financially but not so much when our kids decide that, despite a really healthy streak, they are going to go get RSV on me! Baby ran temps of 104.6, 103.9, 103.6, 104.2 rectally, those times I decided to check what the numbers where cause he was so, so beat red in the face and SO uncomfortable. He had nebs a few times, which did seem to help, and I had many very sleep-deprived nights. Whew!

Well, that's it for my AD(no H)D post! I'm at work and the next nurse is probably arriving right about now!

Stay tuned for more ramblings from the mind of the ADD'd, O.D.'d (on motherhood responsibilities), S.D.'d mother of seven kids, two dogs, a rat and a parakeet. Did anyone notice we are down by one in the Pet Department...I will see who remembers what other pet we had. I won't promise any fancy giveaways, unless you want me! :) Just see how intact your memory is!