Friday, September 23, 2011

Do You Love Your Children Even?

This was the random question of the day, asked so nonchalantly of her father by our Princess Izzy G. E looked at her with amusement and just as nonchalantly answered, "Of course I do...Do you love your parents?" Izzy looked at him blankly, batted her eyes, and asked, "What are those? I don't even know what they are." E begin explaining, "Dad is your parent, Mom is your parent..." "..and Molly is too?" she asked.

Apparently her big sister is in the same ranks as her other parents! :)

As I came in the house after karate last night, Izzy was waiting for me. "Mom, while you were gone I was sad and I had tears and blurry eyes....(and when I had no immediate response)...Do you want to know why I was sad and had tears and blurry eyes?" I said, "Yeah, tell me why you were sad!" She said, "I was sad 'cause Hillukka Dorothy died and I missed her and wanted her to come to our house again and 'cause the marks wouldn't come off (gesturing to marks all over her arms from markers).." Wondering why she had said she wanted "Hillukka Dorothy", to come to our house again, when she hadn't ever been here before, I asked her, "Have you seen her here before at our house (thinking maybe she was mixing her up with someone else)?" She said, "No. And neither have you. Right? 'Cause she's never been here before." *Just in case someone reading this doesn't know, she's referring to my mom, who died when I was 8 years old...I'm not sure why she refers to her "Hillukka Dorothy"...I've never heard anyone else call her that before.*

Last night: Izzy started writing her name and as she wrote each letter, they got bigger and bigger...Finally, she just sighed with a big huff to Molly and said, "Molly, I just HATE this pencil! It won't let me write small!"

The other day: Izzy and Molly again...Izzy, writing with a pencil in her workbook, "Molly, I don't like this pencil! It keeps dryin' out!" (the lead was really dull and wouldn't write on one side) Molly, "Go show Mom!" Izzy, "Can she fix it?" Molly, "Go ask her!" She came running downstairs and said, "Mom! I need you to fix this! It keeps dryin' out!" I just grabbed her a new pencil and said, "Here, try this one!" She ran back upstairs and Molly asked her, "Did Mom fix it?" Izzy, "She gave me a new one, with flowers on it!"

Today, drawing pictures in her notebook: " you want to know what I'm drawing?" I said, "Yup!" She said, "See? Here's a picture of me in a photocopy with a dress on, with a lollipop and an ice cream cone and really cute hair...." (not sure what a photocopy is in her mind) :)