Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A nummy creation by my lovely brown-eyed daughter

Party ready to begin!

I should learn to post these I reverse order...the last two should have been switched around.

Valentine's party prep under way...can't wait!

My little guy..pjs, paci, cowboy boots, Mohawk hat..what a combo

Some current pictures...

I decided to post this so I can try use this for my new profile pic. It's a little more current than my current pic... We'll see if I figure it out now. It's different to operate this blog using my iPad than a regular computer (which we don't have for Internet use).

Another baby on the way!

As I'm sitting here, slowly starting my morning, I decided I should take advantage of my typical first trimester putziness and get some blogging in....

So here we are, expecting our ninth baby (I can't resist, I have to add hopefully our ninth and tenth..yes, I am again holding out for twins). I feel really very good but o matter how good I feel, I always still have the touchiness of what I eat, when I eat, am super tired, can't drink much to stay hydrated (I get very queasy drinking plain water). E is so sweet, he found out that one thing I can drink is iced black tea with lemonade, so one thing he got me for Valentine's Day was a box of K-cups of black tea/lemonade....Mmmmmm! I'm sipping on one now!

On a homeschool note, we have just begun a classic literature class with the oldest girls and alongside it, I am reading to the kids Great Expectations, by Charles Dickens. We also watched a documentary on Charles Dickens, which was very interesting. The cool thing is, in the classic
lit course (it's a homeschool dad and scholar who gives the course on DVD) it is mentioned that every story ever written is a piece of that author's life, be it an actual piece of their life, or a character based on the author himself/herself or someone else they knew, or even something they have vividly imagined or dreamed of (for example, if it's about a make believe land). So, it was interesting then to see this documentary and learn that all of his novels were directly a reflection of pieces of his life. One character was based on a young sister-in-law whom he adored that died young, David Copperfield was as close to an autobiography as a book could be, he used to work in a lawyers office and hated it and learned to really dislike lawyers. So, unsurprisingly, in all his novels, lawyers we portrayed as loathsome fools. What a fun way to learn to really appreciate literature!

On the home front, after a pretty brutal weekend of a couple pretty sick kids while we were out of town for a wedding, everyone is doing pretty well. Yody and Izzy have a newly found friendship. Yodi teaches Izzy some pretty unladylike behavior, which she loves, and she hauls him into playing house and recruits him to be a babysitter or parent with dollies or sits and "reads" to him...

We really enjoyed having a bit over a week of having my sister and girls here! We got a rare outing to MOA and most of the kids got to get wristbands for five hours of unlimited rides at nickelodeon universe. We shopped til we dropped one day, enjoyed visiting when we could getting in, I got in on a ladies' nite, complete with sauna...we went up north for a family wedding and got to visit many relatives and old childhood friends..mmmm, it was great! I think I gained about four or five pounds over this short time period. Ouch. But it was worth every ounce! :)

Well, it's time to get going on Great Expectations again!