Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Teenager Household

We are now officially a Teenager Household. Our oldest just turned 13! She's acted like a teenager (and I mean in the cool sense, of course) for a very long time so the transition will be quite smooth, I'm sure! :)

*Just a side note I meant to mention on my Oink Report: When I called the school Monday to report our kindergardener's absence, the nurse told me that so far that morning they had a 40% call in rate! She said she has had not ever seen numbers this high!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Oink! Oink!

Well, everyone! We got it! The dreaded H1N1! Swine Flu!!!! Oink, oink!!!!! It hasn't been tested and confirmed but the kids that have gotten sick have pretty much had any symptom that could be possibly related to H1N1, except not so much the GI symptoms.

Oh, I sometimes yearn for blogging again...the so many funny things that come up. Especially with our two y.o. But, it goes by the wayside due to the lack of time in my life right now!!!

My dear hubby came home early from his trip to help out...and just in case anyone ends up having to be run to the hospital.

Our second daughter has asthma so she's had some struggles. We brought her in today because they highly recommended us getting her the Tamiflu antiviral med to decrease the severity of the illness as well as the length and chance of complications afterwards.

We're so weird (the girls and I), we have guesses out there as to who we think will be the next down. Our oldest was first (the school district is just swamped in "flu-like illness"). Then our second one went down (they have it figured was because the oldest one tooted on the second one's trumpet then handed it back to the second dtr, who proceeded to play the trumpet, before we realized our oldest was sick). The third dtr then went down. All bets were on either the 4th or 6th dtr next, but the 5th one was next instead. She buckled today while we were at the doctor's office. She was sitting in the chair as we were all talking and such when suddenly we noticed her nodding and starting to tip forward, like she might fall out of her chair..flu mask on and all.

They all had to wear masks...all the kids in the waiting room pretty much were masked. The clinic was really good about keeping family's germs separate so they just herded ppl into their own room as rooms became available. I have pics on my phone of the girls in their masks but don't feel like looking for the cord for my phone to hook up to here.

Well, I had about three different things I wanted to tell about but don't remember any other issues but this one. Well, there's always tomorrow! :)