Friday, November 2, 2007

Our Halloween

We've never celebrated Halloween with our kids...we just skip out and spend the evening at Chuck E. Cheese...along with at least one hundred other children that, we've noticed, have made it their yearly tradition as well. Fun to see these little kids that remain nameless to us grow up over the years! We look each year to see if we see a variety of the kids we've seen each year, including the cute little twins that dressed up as adorable little princesses the first year we saw them. They've been there every year, getting bigger each time, just like our kids are doing. This year, however, my husband is gone to England on a business trip and our baby is only 5-wks-old so we decided instead to celebrate half of our children's birthdays that night instead. We had missed parties for 3 of our girls due to the untimely early birth of our little baby girl (although of course we're just thrilled that she did come when she did!). We decided to have the party from 4-6pm, then kids that are going trick-or-treating could leave early enough to get ready (we planned it this way that only kids from nearby were invited to make it easy enough for all of us...and each of the girls were only allowed 2 friends..the one with a bday in May got to invite a friend so she wouldn't steal her sisters' friends, cause she tends to do that on occasion). Then the few that were left that don't trick-or-treating stayed and partied on with us. THe highlight of the evening? My kids and the remaining party guests got to hand out candy to the trick-or-treaters and they were just THRILLED!!! It was better than trick-or-treatering, in their opinion!!! I think it was even better than the birthday party, as a matter of fact! Definitely a birthday they will remember. I got a picture of the first trick-or-treater at our door but he is barely visible because there were so many little helpers just waiting to drop a treat into his bucket!!!
On a side note: After uploading the picture, I noticed that most of the little "helpers" were outside on the front step, surrounding poor little trick-or-treater (or "Halloweener", which sounded more like, "hollow-weiner" to my sister and me) in their excitement to see him!


Kellan said...

Well - there's an idea ... Chuck E. Cheeses! I'm just relieved Halloween is over - I am exhausted by the whole ordeal! Nice post - see ya.

Shellie said...

Sounds like a great birthday! Whew! I love those kinds of solutions.