Monday, November 19, 2007

Dog Training At Its Finest!

upper left: Beg....beg...up! Like this! UP, UP! OUCH! (scratched my face)

upper center: Okay, good Mac! That was pretty close! Good beg! Here's your teeny little piece of dog food! Good boy!!! (good thing he doesn't demand steaks..he's easy to please!)

upper right: U-u-ummm...okay, can you find the differences from upper center to upper right? Can you find, let's say, maybe 3 differences between the pictures? Well, neither can I! I think it was somehow mistakenly uploaded twice. How could have that happened? I'm sure it was the computer cause I don't make mistakes on this contraption! I am completely, 100% computer illiterate..I mean literate!!!

lower left: Okay, that was a perfect "beg" but you cleared the floor by about 6 inches! Careful there, Buddy! Here's your treat...this time a tiny scrap of pork fat from our pork chops....I know, I could eat the whole chop in one chomp but I do have a family to feed other than you two canines!!! (fast forward by about an hour or two and guess who had diarrhea? He got too many pieces of pork from everyone, feeding him and Hailey their scraps. Hailey takes it like a trooper...we can tell she ate only people food before she came to us.)

lower right: Okay, Dude! Since when did "beg" or "up" sound like "dance"? I refuse to shuffle around with the likes of you, especially with those long nails!!! Go get a pedicure or something!

Notice a little lady sitting in her crate in the background looking like, "Hey, I could do that sooo easily!" She is a great begger. We have only had her for a couple months, much of which I've been laid up so we haven't been able to get the two totally acclimated to each other. Hailey would ignore Mac or just socialize with him but Mac, still the puppy he is, wil not leave Hailey alone for anything until we step in, make him submit to her, then he kinda leaves her alone for the rest of their time out together! Typical boy!!! :)

Okay, now if anyone could match up the labels with their rightful pictures, you're good! I laboriously did labels for each picture according to how they were set up on the draft page and then when I went to "view blog", I noticed that this goofy machine just messes with you! It set it up totally different than it had been arranged on the draft page!!! AND I am noticing that I didn't actually upload the same picture twice! When I came back to make this note, I noticed the captions shifted somehow and when I went back and looked, the duplicate picture was GONE!!! Too weird!


Cecily R said...

Do these tactics work with children too? My kids actually have that begging thing down. They are truly talented. Jon and I are so proud. :)

Darla said...

Wouldn't that be nice? Actually, they do have the begging down...and we wish they wouldn't...then, we try teach the dogs to beg!!! And we PRAISE them for it!!! How demented is THAT?

Kami said...

Hey Cecily, nice to see you here!
Darla, it's nice to meet you. Sorry that your baby was sick. I hope she's doing better. Wow, six girls! I though four boys was crazy, you must be a great woman. Hey, I'm a nurse too - not working right now, maybe someday. Glad you found me--Kami

Darla said...

Kami-thanks! I don't feel so much a great woman but it's nice to hear! As it is with all moms I'm sure, I mostly feel everything that I don't achieve, like the house clean, laundry caught up, good solid meals made, etc. Hopefully somewhere I'm succeeding...I'll maybe be able to see an element of success somewhere down the road when my kids are grown and maybe telling good, fun stories of growing up! :)