Thursday, October 25, 2007


These are some pics of karate.. I don't have any current pics of the girls & me. The farthest left is me and the other "sensei's" or instructors at the end of my first semester of teaching, in April maybe? The other 2 are the end of this summer semester, I was striping Greta's belt. This was just in August. As you can see (or maybe not so obvious because of the uniform and pic is from farther away), I was largely pregnant at the time, about 28 weeks along...?...

Ummmm, I'm never sure how to spell that word but it's the battle cry we give in karate with our strikes. It's back to business as usual for us, as of tonight! We went back to karate for the first time since baby was born. Not too bad, considering that we only missed 3 sessions and get to jump in and test out at the end of the semester. This means that since we started a few years ago, we've never missed a semester, not even summers, not even to have a baby! I thought we would have to take this semester off since I was due 11/4, pretty much smack in the middle of the semester, but since Bella took things into her own hands and decided to bless us with her presence a mite early, we zipped into class on week 3 of the semester to show her off and tell them that we were ready to jump back into the action beginning this week. It sure felt good to be back into the routine, although I majorly laid low and more just monitored and verbally corrected the students but didn't physically get involved...except, I do have to confess, in doing KATA. I just couldn't resist joining the class in KATA (a 66 move routine that we have to memorize; we memorize about 5 moves, give or take a few, per belt ranking). I got my black belt last December so I need to know the full 66 move routine.

As a black belt, I have been an assistant instructor with the class, so I am my kids' "sensei", the word we use for "instructor" or "teacher". They like to jokingly call me "Sensei Mom"! Four of my girls are in karate but this semester our kindergartener might take the semester off. My husband is travelling most of the remainder of this semester and my 3 y.o. doesn't want to stay with my sister unless the kindergartener is with, which suits Greta (kdgtnr) just fine. I think she was ready for a break anyway! What a fun night though! And to top things off, our instructor (who is a 2nd degree black belt, the rest of us are 1st degree) started teaching us the KATA we will have to know to test out for our 2nd degree! Fun to learn something new!!!

Well, this was a major rambling of thoughts here that probably is a little difficult to follow! Is it a little evident who is a bit excited to be back into the swing of things? As you can probably tell, I love karate! :)


carrie & troy keiser said...

Awesome, I'm happy for you... WAY more motivated than me! Go you! :D
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kristin said...

I have to respond to this post.

Wow! You're back in karate! That is impressive. It wasn't hard for me to follow at all :) I love this post. Good for you all!

I've been thinking I need to get your opinion again and here you post about karate. We are having a hard time in karate. I really don't know if I should keep Meikiina in or not. She wanted to be in, but is so sooo self conscious. Now Brynlee tells me all the time she wants to be in and loves to learn the moves. She looks so cute doing a side kick. Meikiina says she would participate if Brynlee was in, but would either of them? I don't know. I don't want to let her quit, but maybe partly because I love to be there? Any opinions or thoughts?

Darla said...

Carrie-I will see if I can think of seven things off the top of my head and go over and post them now. Otherwise I will ponder it a little bit and post tomorrow (technicallyl's quite late!).
Kristin-I would try Brynlee in and see how it goes. I actually could totally see Brylee doing quite well! Then if neither really wants to participate, then I would maybe have Meikiina take a break and see how she feels then after having a semester off. Then if even after a semester off she still doesn't want to start, maybe eventually when she's older she will again and maybe it just won't be her thing. I could see her eventually really getting into it though.. it may just take time. My girls were thinking that they just want to take the semester off so I decided that I will just go more with what they want to do since I sure could justify just lying low after having a baby. Then after we decided that we are going to just take off this semester, we decided to just go show off the baby at least and let them know that we won't start until next semester. The closer we got to class that night, a few of the girls started thinking that they might want to start this semester after all. When we got in there to say hi and watched class for a little bit, we all decided we just had to be back in already! Now Greta might just take the semester off though. I wish that there was some way I could help make Meikiina more comfortable in her class. Eric travels now quite a bit but maybe we could somehow figure out a way to either come to her class or have you guys come over some night and the girls could all get into practicing their moves with her..?