Saturday, March 27, 2010

Naming the Nameless...

So, we (my daughters and I) collectively decided that it is time to give the poor dears blog names. I am giving it much thought and deliberation and will try to give them names that, although will not be their own, will have some significance to them in some way. See, I have gotten to the point that saying Daughter #1, Daughter #2, Daughter #3, Daughter #4, Daughter #5, and Daughter #6 is a little impersonal and flat for a bunch of girls with so much life and personality. Baby Boy isn't so bad but a bit boring.

First, we thought that giving them flower names would be just grand. Names like Rose, and Daffodil...Daffy for short. One would think that anyone would be slightly insulted by being named "Daffy".. but not my girls. They chuckled and giggled at the thought of it...thought it would be fun to be given that name! Daisy is another name that was brought up. The problem with flower names? I just don't think I could think up 7 of them that I like! And what flower has a masculine enough sound to fit my little guy? I might have to use Daffy and Daisy for a couple of the girls though. The rest will just have names or nicknames that we've used for them.
Okay. Our first-born, first teenager......hmmm....Joni, remember this one? This is the first nickname that comes to mind: Lolly-Palooza. A little too long though. This one will be a little difficult and I'm sure she will veto whichever one I come up with, finding a more suitable one for herself. Which is just fine, of course. It's just that I am at work, it is night, she is asleep...I will have to come up with one myself for now. And I pick....Molly!

Second-born: Viva! That's the name she was given by her 2 year old sister so that's what her blog name shall be: Viva.

Third-born: Here's either Daisy or Daffy....hmmm...even though my natural inclination would be to say she's the one to be called Daffy, since she loves to act a bit daffy at times, for a name I think she would rather be called Daisy. Let's stick with that for now; she's Daisy. Actually, no. Her nickname has been Fia before and she liked that. So she shall be Fia.

Fourth-born: Now this one would probably like to be called Daffy, but she's about as un-Daffy as one could get. There's one nickname she had for a while when she was quite a bit younger. Betsy. I think that I will go with Betsy. I hope she likes it! :)

Fifth-born: We call her Ky-Ky. Since that already is her nickname, that will also be her blog name.
Sixth-born: She has actually started to, from time to time, call herself Izzy. It's not her name, it's not her nickname, we don't even call her that but she has told us, out of the blue quite a few times, "My name is Izzy!" So Izzy she shall be.

Our Baby Boy and seventh-born: For some funny reason, this kid has had quite a few nicknames in his short life. He was Ah-dah to Izzy right after he was born. That's how she said his name. So that's how everyone else said his name. Weirdly, it's a girl's name in Finnish, but spelled Aada. Then he became Yo-yo. If you knew his real name, you could see where that came from. Now, Y0-yo or Yodie...again, pretty close to Jodi...poor kid! But I think I might just have to stick with Yo-Yo. I know, it sounds mean but he's a pretty cute Yo-Yo! :)

So here we are, with no further ado...presenting my children:


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Joni said...

Fun! Like the names ... I'm sure the kids do, too! Nuttin' like a bit o' creativity to spice life up!

imbeingheldhostage said...

I want to re-blog-name my kids now!! How boring does A1, A2 sound against Fia and Ky-Ky?!

Great names, did you print a card so that you can remember them? ;-)

kristin said...

Oh, they are great and if you know the kids they all make sense. Great!

ginahaapala said...

lovin' it! great names!