Sunday, October 12, 2008

Toddler Tales....

...and animal tails.

One day I noticed piles and piles...and piles...of toilet paper overflowing out of the trash can in the bathroom and onto the floor. Being in a household of overly creative young ladies, I kind of paused and quickly concluded a little, "Whatever!..?..!"

The next day my sister asked me, "Oh, by the way, did you by any chance notice, uh, a little excessive amounts of toilet paper in the bathroom?" I said, "Yeah...!" She said, "Your little K (4 y.o....I guess technically I should say preschooler tales then, right?...doesn't sound the same though) was entertaining me yesterday. She had been sitting on the toilet and I was out here waiting for her to get done when suddenly she came out and asked me if I would like to see a horsey tail. I told her, 'Sure!'. She turned around and had toilet paper wedged between her little cheeks and a string of toilet paper dangling all the way down to the floor. She waltzed back into the bathroom and then reemerged, asking, 'Becky, do you want to see a cow's tail?' and proceeded to turn and show me a little shorter tail between her cheeks. Then she came out with a doggie's tail, then a kitty's tail, and on and on. The best one was when she came out with a rabbit's tail." I asked Becky, "So, did the tails look any different or were they all just toilet paper wedged in randomly?" Becky said, "No, they all were different, they actually looked very similar to the real deal! But the best one was the bunny's tail. She had this huge wad of toilet paper all bunched up, wedged in those little cheeks of hers. It looked so funny 'cause the wad was almost as big as her bottom...her rear is just so teeny-tiny! And I could see, it was clearly a bunny's tail, all a big round bunched up wad of t.p."

Another day, when Becky's daughters were babysitting in her place: K, sitting in the bathroom, the place where all intellectual, thought-provoking ideas are born, asked one of the girls, "Umm, do you think God gets sad when we pick our boogers?" My niece, "Um, what?" K, "Do you think it makes God sad when we pick our boogers?" My niece, "I don't think so!" K, "Oh."

And yesterday, "Why do you think God made me a girl?" Me: "Mmm, 'cause he thinks you make such of a good girl." K, "But I wanna be a boy!!!" Me: "Oh, I know. 'Cause guess what?" K: "What?" Me: "I used to want to be a boy too...Until I was about H's age. Then guess what happened!" K: "Hm?" Me: "Then I was so happy to be a girl and I've always been so glad I'm a girl ever since then. Being a girl can be just so much fun!" My hubby: "So, tell me, why do you want to be a boy? Is it 'cause we boys have SO much fun?" One of the other girls had walked by right about then and corrected him, "You're not a boy, Dad! You're too old!" K, about the same time said, "Mmm, I don't want to be a boy now. Now I'm happy I'm a girl!"

Last night, K: "Can we go to God's house sometime?" Me: "Well yes, tomorrow we will go. When we go to church, we are in God's house." K: "Well, where is God then? I don't see him there." Me: "Ummm, well, that's cause church is only one of God's houses. He lives in the one in heaven. Heaven is God's house where he lives...that's where we want to go when we die. Then we'll get to see him."

Later last night, as we were just settling down for a bonfire with my hubby's brother and his daughter, one of the very observant kids noticed very distant flashes of lightening. She mentioned it to me and I let it go in one ear and out the other, since I hadn't noticed anything and thought that she must have seen some lights from something else. Not too long after that, I did notice little flashes of lightening and then we heard very distant rumbles of thunder. Miss 4 y.o., K, said, "Mom! We need to go in. Now! There is lightening and thunder! We are all gonna die if we don't go in!" Me, thinking, "Huh? How does she make the connection? And...what if she's having a premonition or something?" I closely scrutinized her face and saw she was very serious and glancing nervously at the sky. I told her, "Let's keep an eye on it and we'll go in if it lightens more...maybe we can even go just into the garage!" I was instantly onto the topic at hand with my hubby and his brother. Moments later, I noticed K scouting around on the driveway, eyes skyward. She was back in seconds with her information, "Um, Mom? I kept my eyes on it and saw more. Now can we go in? I'm scared we're going to be hit by lightening and die!" I said, "Okay, tell you what. Let me wait for my brat to get done, then I will come sit in the garage with you. Okay?" Next thing I know, I hear, "Mom? Is your brat done? Come in the garage with me." I look toward the garage and there she was, up in the furthest corner of the garage, with her little director's chair, waiting for me to join her. She looked so tiny way in there by herself. Poor dear, feeling so vulnerable. I went in and she promptly said, "Sit by me!" *Ummm, far as I can tell, there is no other choice, Babe. You're the only one in here! I'll be sitting by you!*

This is life with her...she is just constantly spouting out these profound thoughts or just cultivating her Dad's dry, hilarious sense of humor in herself. It is just so fun when their little personalities just take off like that!


Kellan said...

These were all the most adorable stories - I loved the tp tail story and the lightening story - she's a sweetie!

Have a good week, Darla - see you soon - Kellan

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I love it! I can SO relate to this post as I have two 4 yr olds! They crack me up!
She is just like mine!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

your kids crack me up - love the toliet tissue tail!

Shellie said...

How fun! I loved the tails, how creative. What a great personality she has!

imbeingheldhostage said...

She is my Aiden:-) I love this age-- but I have been saying that since he was born.

You had me laughing out loud with the tails-- holy cow, what a creative little genius!