Monday, October 6, 2008

TC 10 Mile Run Today...

This is the banner for this year's event. I was drawn to run this year (it is a lottery-style drawing, so there is never any guarantee that you will run if you sign up). I had actually heard that although so many had signed up of my acquaintances, only two of us were fortunate enough to get drawn.

This is me, ecstatically running in the 2006 TC 10. I had never run an organized run before and couldn't have imagined how neat of an experience I would have. There was such energy to run in a huge crowd like that.

I am in this picture somewhere, crossing the finish line.

Last year I was pregnant and due to have a baby in November so I couldn't sign up. I actually had my baby in September, about a week or so before the run. I was so excited I got picked this year since I couldn't run it last year!

I had been training for this run and had reached my seven mile mark already. I went to the doctor just about 1 1/2 weeks before the run. I confirmed that day that I am pregnant, now just over 9 weeks. My doctor expressed great concern over my running in the TC10. He said that running that long keeps your heart rate above the recommended 140 bpm or less for exercise during pregnancy.

I did not run in the race today. It was hard. I went to the health expo anyway last night. I picked up my packet. I got my race number. I got all the little goodies that come with it. I had paid for it already. I also had paid for a pasta dinner for my whole family. We decided to still go to that. It was paid for and we always can stand for a family date. However, our van had a flat tire so we took the car and our two "middle" girls. It was fun. It helped me get over the fact I couldn't run today.

As an added consolation, I went up north to my niece's and her new husband's home. They had their gift opening today. I went for a 2-3 mile run up there to feel like I got my run in today anyway. My doctor said to go ahead with these runs since I've always run that distance and my body's used to it.

I'm okay with it now. I am actually able to really look at the big picture: we will have a new baby to add to our little family. I'm due May 9th. Whew, finally our 2nd daughter will have a spring companion for a birthday. All the other kids are clustered from August to October.

There will be many, many more runs. I am planning to run until I'm at least 90 years old. I can't have babies too many more years, but I can always run for years to come.


Tiaras and Tantrums said...

I'm not sure if you are being serious here or not??????????
IF SO, YEAH _ YIPPEE - (I am so fricking jealous right now I must say) but deliriously happy for you!!! This is so awesome! you have passed the realm to Super Mom for me!!!!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Wow! Congrats! How exciting! Sorry you didn't get to run the race. New baby! Wonder if you'll have a 7th little princess or if you get a prince this time!

Octamom said...

I too have had many starts and stops in my running. Good for you for accomplishing the 2006 run, good for you for the 2007 baby and good for you for putting this pregnancy ahead of the drive to compete in this year's race--love your wisdom that the child-bearing years only last a short while and Lord willing there will be years to pursue our other goals!

Congrats on the new little one--very exciting stuff!!!

Appreciated your comments over at my place--always good to hear your thoughts and your perspective!!


houseofdanes said...

ok.... are you pregnant again or are you talking about your last lil bundle of joy? I'm confused.. if you are congrats and good lord girl, you're putting us all to shame :) I'm jealous! I just can't seem to get number 5???
Love your blog and miss chatting. I'm working like mad getting ready for my knee surgery in Dec... that's what my love for running did to me :(
darn it all. NOw I can only run in my dreams!

Anonymous said...

sooooooooo neat!!!

how did you get in?


Darla said...

Yup, I am really pregnant...not kidding at all! This is number 7 for us now.

This will be interesting...will it be a 7th princess or a prince this time around. So far, in our house, I've heard most votes for a girl (Dad included). I think only one of the girls said (for the first time ever...all other pregnancies the girls always root for another girl), "This time I hope we have a boy..for something different!"

And Candy; getting into the race is lottery style...they just randomly pick enteries. I wish I could say it was something like, 'cause I'm such of a fast runner or have great legs or something! :) But it's just random.

One Fine Lady said...

Darla Jane - Congrats!! How exciting to hear that you're pregnant! I think this one is going to be your prince.

I'm 'on the bench' right now until I have the baby and wondering if you'd be up for some company one of these days? E & I could come over during the day? Maybe Becky could come as well? Would be fun to do a catch up session!

You'll have to give me tips on running. I did a half marathon back in 2000 but haven't really ran since. I'm thinking after I give birth this time that is what I'm going to do to get this body back in shape! Need to do something...

Send me an email and let me know if a get together works. I could bring donuts and we can ignore calories for once being we're both eating for two :-)

Darla said...

My dear, you don't know how good donuts sound! I actually feel really good so fortunately, and unfortunately from the caloric standpoint, I can still eat the really nummy stuff. Usually in my first trimester I can't eat anything and lose weight. This time I've already gained 5, but feel so fortunate to feel sooo good! Come over, for sure. Becky is at my house every day, M-Th from wee hours in the a.m. until 1p.m. This week her daughter, Ash, is taking her place but next Monday she will be back.

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

Congratulations! Spring babies are great. I hate nursing newborns in August - so hot and sticky...

Just make sure your husband can recognize the baby (ahem)...

Darla said...

I know...I'm excited to be able to go through winter with a built-in heater instead of summer with that heater on "high". I really enjoyed having our 2nd baby in May...the rest, I had to waddle through summer largely pregnant!