Thursday, August 28, 2008

Our Favorite, #1 Summer Pastime...Boating!

Due to Eric's travels last summer, we didn't get the boat out at all. This summer, with Eric's foot surgery and complications, we got a slow start on bringing our boat out. But, when we finally got it out, we have made up for lost time!!!
We dream and we plan, we watch the weather forecast and we threaten ("If jobs don't get done, we can't take off to the lake!") Some days, after carefully laid plans, we would awake to cloudy, blustery skies. Everyone would be bitterly disappointed. Then, when a boat day turned out sunny, moods were high!
First, find everyone's swimsuits. Sunscreen is just kept on the boat. Towels are found. Our Wee One bargains to wear her life jacket already in her carseat, she's so excited. Then, it's off to get gas, food, and ice for the big cooler we have onboard. We have our traditional food: uncrustables, corn chips, saltines, and cheese spread for lunch. 24-case of water. 12-pack of little Gatorades. 6-pack of diet Mountain Dew. AND....a big bag of Tootsies....the variety pack. Dad gets all the Dots....Mom and Dad get dibs on the blue Tootsies. The kids and Dad split the suckers. And everyone loves to twist brown Tootsies and fruit-flavored Tootsies.
Off to the lake we go! First we boat around and around...reaquainting ourselves with all the familiar sights around the lake. We check the wind direction. We watch for weed patches. Then we pick the perfect spot for anchoring. We anchor, shut off the motor, turn on the piano music, and with the water gently lapping on the side of the boat, it's time to swim.
After swimming and many made-up games, we pull out the lunch from the cooler, the ice chunks sparkling like diamonds, and the drink bottles almost frosty with chill and water drops. After eating, Dad pulls out the Tootsie bag and begins the doling process. After food has settled and another quick dip to cool off, it's time to tube.
Our lake adventures usually last many hours and finally, after satisfyingly tired and a titch sunburned, we head back in, anxious for the next time!
What a true family bonding time!


Christine said...

How fun! Good thing to do with the family. :)

Shellie said...

That sounds so fun! I could just imagine being there. Today we woke up to snow on the mountains. Ugh! So could have used a warm day in a boat instead!

Joni said...

Nothing like a day out on the boat, hey?! The pictures tell the story - fun, fun, fun!!!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Sounds like a great day!