Saturday, July 19, 2008

A Man and A Dog

PhotoStory Friday
Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

Okay, I've stepped up this bloggy thing to trying my hand at linking my post (did I say it right??) to someone else's! Scary! I am used to this place being my own little recluse that, although I love having visitors, I kinda like being a little hermity since my real life is so un-hermity!!! But this Photo Story Friday thing sounded kinda fun, goes!
My story: These are my men! In a household of 10 (8 of the people variety, 2 of the canine sort), there are 8 filled with estrogen, 2 with testosterone! Here are my two hunky men, male bonding! (By the way, as of 7/15/08, Mac is officially an adult...he just turned two. I wish he would start acting like one already!)
Let me tell you a little about Mac (the Dane). He follows Mom's house rules better than any of the kids...or my husband! I give him a "look" and he knows what to do! BUT, when Dad's around, AND Mom's not "looking" or looking (giving "looks" or just not around to look at what's going on), these two horse around! The problem is, when a Great Dane with humongous paws...pretty much like horse's hooves...and a very bony whip-like tail starts to horse around, Mom always hears the horsing around and steps in, gives the "look" and peace (and safety, I might add) is restored once again to the household. Now, since Mom was right behind the two offenders, there was nothing but pure obedience going on! Can you tell the male bond that they share though?


Shellie said...

Those pictures are truly artsy! You could link them in to Cecily's photo story Friday! Her blog is My Chaos, My Bliss.

Darla said...

Thank you! I'm kind of computer illiterate in that way....can you tell me how to link things? I think I asked someone once, then didn't need to link anything right then and now can't remember how to do it! These pictures teeny bit went out of order too. Don't know how to move em around either..the first one was actually the last pic. After Mac and Eric had snuggled a bit, Mac suddenly kinda flipped over and crashed next to Eric! :)

Darla said...

Oh, gosh! I tried to do that linking thing...I can't figure it out! But, I am figuring out how to add a blogroll...FINALLY! I get tired of trying to remember everyone's actual URL! :)

houseofdanes said...

love these pictures darla! I love what you did to your blog as well. hey I'm computer illiterate too ( I think) how do you link to another blog?
I just read a great book marley and Me! I highly recommend it.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

That was a fun photo-story! Yeah, I'm so glad that you're playing along! great pictures of "the guys"!