Saturday, July 19, 2008

The Beginning of The End

Here's Holli holding her lumber...she was splitting wood at karate class the other night. As part of her black belt testing requirements, she needs to break three boards using three different techniques. She broke 'em! Now next week it will be Olivia's turn! Then next week the girls plan to do their 66-move Kata that they need to perform for part of their testing. In two weeks they need to spar for 5 minutes with 5 different black belts (I get to spar them:) ) each rotating in for a minute each. The following week they will be tested on their strikes, blocks, kicks, and escapes. They are required to know 81+ moves (there are some new moves now that have been added to the list of formerly 81 moves) and will be randomly tested on about 8... Then they have to hand in an essay and then they will have completed their requirements and, if they passed all these areas, they will be black belts by mid-August! They're pretty excited!!!


Shellie said...

That is so cool! How long have they been doing karate? I have to say, I don't know how you sneaked in like 8 posts all of a sudden. I was busy not checking my google reader, maybe thats why? Glad you're back!!

Darla said...

Holli started at the beginning of second grade, Olivia beginning of first. Now Holli will be starting sixth grade so it took her about four years solid. We never even took the summer's kind of our weekly outing!:) Btw, I posted all of these last night! That's how I snuck so many in at once. :) Our desktop computer pooped out already last January and I never got around to posting pics onto this laptop..I'm funny like that. Although I knew how to do it just as easily onto this computer, just cause I wasn't used to doing it, I just didn't do it. Then I got a new cell phone with a semi-decent camera on it and got a cable with it to upload stuff onto the computer so at work now I can easily do this without bringing my camera or the picture uploady-thingy! It's fun to be back, thanks!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

WOW! I didn't realize there was SO much involved in getting a black belt! WooHoo you go girls!