Wednesday, November 2, 2011

This is it! I'm going to blog EVERY day!

Well, I will try to anyway! :) I got woken up this morning by little J, crying and thrashing and so on, at about 4:something a.m. He fussed and thrashed off and on until I finally got out of bed at 5:something a.m., then he quit! He was feeling cramped in MY bed with ME in it I guess!

E is out of town and all of us last night could NOT get our beloved Izzy to sleep after hours of trying. She, as a result, kept the other Littles awake with her noise, and her whispering, and her restlessness. I finally gave up thinking I will stay up late and clean...and tucked the Twins (Izzy and Yodie) in bed by me. Well, I guess there were too many in our bed for Yodie's liking so I had to go! And, I figured, that was fine 'cause now I could clean in a peaceful house....except the minute I start cleaning in a peaceful house, my rustling wakes the Littles up again, no matter what time it is. I decided I would find a quiet activity to do so they wouldn't wake up. THat can't include sweeping, cause they are all sleeping downstairs and you can hear even a crumb crawling up here from down there. I decided I would wash walls...but first need to look up dimensions on a cabinet from Ikea....started reading a blog, and decided it's time I blog again. Well, in my defense, it IS a quiet activity....and not one Little has woken up! :)

Yesterday we had troubles with a syrup jug. We buy almost all foods in bulk now. Including syrup, of course. Well, I opened one of the huge jugs of syrup on Monday morning. Tuesday morning I was juggling jugs of milk around the "milk shelf" in the fridge to try make them all fit and then put the syrup on the front of that shelf, hoping no one would knock it out of the fridge the next time someone came to get milk. Well, I'm sure you can guess what happened! About 5 minutes later, someone went to get milk and knocked the syrup onto the floor. That's no biggie usually, except this time I heard a bit thud, then a, "OH NO!" and a, "Quick, Mom! I need help!" I went in to see one of the big girls holding up the jug of syrup that now was sporting a large gash across the middle of it....syrup just chugging onto the floor. We got it to chug for a bit into a large bowl, then escorted it to the sink, where it continued to chug. BIG cleanup job ensued. Well, The Syrup Story Part II: We went to Ao Denko Jitsu (I KNOW I spelled that wrong but am too lazy to get up and see how it's spelled on my certificate) class, came back and walked into the kitchen to have my feet STICK, STICK, STICK to the slippers were staying on the floor with each step! That syrup jug had gotten left in the sink and one of my babysitters that had stayed home was kindly doing her dishes turn, took the jug out, walked absent-mindedly around the kitchen trying to find a spot on the counters to put the big jug, not realizing that the whole time she was walking, the jug was emptying onto the floor.....and the mopping job that ensued! ANd she was home dealing with our highest maintenance kids at the time...I don't blame her for not getting all the stickiness. I mean, I had to super-slop-mop it about 4 times before that layer of stickiness came up...and still there are little spots of stickiness my slippers are finding this morning!

Well, that's the end of my story telling!


Joni said...

Nice to hear from you!! :-)

You're still missing out on the candybar ... I did send two out! Read back a bit on my blog ... heh!

Joni said...

Did you go sleep in J's bed then, by the way - when he kicked you out of yours? :-)

K- I guess you must qualify for the candybar, huh? Wonder why it wouldn't post your response?? Well, whatever ...

Anonymous said...
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