Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Out of the mouths of....Princesses!

Izzy (lying on the bathroom floor as I was getting ready to go to our martial arts class): blah, blah, blah...lying...blah, blah. And you can't lie, right? Cause that's hell, right? When you lie, that's called hell...right?

Me, suddenly tuning in: Uh...oh, you mean lying is a sin, right?

Izzy: Yeah, it's a sin...and blah, blah, heaven, blah, blah, you can burn there, right?

Me: Oh, you mean if you go to hell instead of heaven, you could burn there. Yup.

Izzy: And there's that Level that lives there. It's that Evil Level guy that lives there, right?

Me: Yup. It's that Evil Level that lives there....

End of Discussion

Someone had a deep discussion with her, I guess.

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Joni said...

Oh, she's so cute! Our youngest has this idea these days that as long as you don't dance, you'll go to heaven. But, if you dance - you've lost your chance! And - heaven is the ceiling at the local ry. That's where people go when they die. In fact, yesterday evening we were there, and he told me he SEEs those people walking around in heaven, when he looked at that ceiling! Yikes!

Your outing sounds so fun! The treats from McD's ...

I tried to call you yesterday - I had about 10 minutes in the van, so thought I'd call and say hi.