Sunday, May 8, 2011

A Royal Update: The Princess...

The other day at the park:

Dad: (as Izzy is struggling with the button on her sweater) Here, let me help you with that.

Izzy: No. I can do it myself.

Dad: Just let me help you.

Izzy: No. I can do it myself.

Dad: Come on. Just let me help you with that. I can button that for you.

Izzy: *Sigh* Oh-kay. Why do you like me so much?

Dad: 'Cause you're my daughter!

Izzy: *nose wrinkled* I'm not a daughter! I'm a Princess!

Izzy, sitting on the toilet: chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter, chatter **toot** " 'scuse me.." chatter, chatter, chatter *toot...tooooot* " 'scuse me. 'scuse me." chatter *toot* " 'scuse me. Um. That's okay if I fart on the toilet, right? 'Cause I say, ' 'Scuse me' ".

Me, almost snorting with laughter: "Um. Yes. It's perfectly fine to fart on the toilet. Even if you don't say, ' 'Scuse me.' 'Cause that's just what you do on the toilet. But that's very polite of you to excuse yourself on the toilet. Those kind manners show me that you really are a princess!" *still stifling a snort*

This morning in church:

Me, trying to distract a very tired and ornery little Izzy: Hey. I have to tell you a little story. That is, if you want to hear one.

Izzy: struggle, struggle....struggle...then still

Me: K, ready? See Pete sitting right there? You know, your uncle Pete...Katie's Pete?

Izzy: looking in Pete's direction, nodding very slightly

Me: Did you remember that your uncle Pete is my brother? Kinda like Jo-di is your brother? As a matter of fact, Pete is about a year younger than me, kinda like Jo-di is about a year younger than you. And you know what? Pete got bigger than me when we were still pretty young, just a little older than you and Jo-di are now....just like I tell you that your little brother soon may be bigger than you. And you know what? Pete and I were friends. We did fight sometimes, like you and your brother do, but mostly we were just friends. And guess what! Since we were friends when we were little, and since I was nice to him when we were little, he was so nice to me when we were older. Just like I tell you that Jo-di will be nice to you when you are older if you are nice to him now. Pete would fix my bike if I needed him to, he would help me if someone was mean to me...
..AND, guess what! Pete is still my brother. And, he is still my friend...

Izzy: ...and he still fixes your bike?

Me: again, stifling a laugh: Uh..well, he would still fix my bike if I needed him to. I mean, now your dad fixes my bike but I know Pete would still fix my bike if I needed him to!


Joni said...

Oh, she's just too cute! Love her little 'Izzies'!!

Kristin said... cute!!

kristin said...

Love it!