Sunday, April 24, 2011

Baby has finally been baptized!

Well, Baby is six months old and FINALLY is baptised! We were supposed to have a joint baptism with E's sister's and her husband's new baby but our little lady ran a low-grade temp yesterday and, that, combined with the fact we had two other kids run temps earlier in the week, we thought that it was probably best not to take a chance and get her baby sick.

Some funnies this week: Izzy tells me, as I was lying next to her on the couch, hoping she would fall asleep so I could keep cleaning the basement: (as she was rubbing my eyes lightly) "That's okay if you fall asleep...'cause you're the Queen!!!" Yes, my dear dolly. I like that mentality! Now if any of the other kids ever question any of my commands in the future, instead of saying, "Because I'm the Mom, that's why!" I will say, "Because I'm The Queen, that's why!"

Last weekend, after we came home from the homeschool conference we attended a few hours away, and picked up kids from various places, our Princess Izzy flounced out of the van, pigtails swinging, and announced, "I feel like I'm never gonna cry again!" What a cute way of saying she is just that happy! We know we weren't the only ones who had a marvelous weekend! She and her cousins are Princesses and they had a royal blast together for the weekend! :)

And, the other night while we were celebrating our little guy's second birthday, Izzy announced to anyone who was interested, "Hey! Hey, I'm not three anymore! Hey, you guys. I'm not three anymore, it's not my birthday! I'm not three anymore 'cause it's someone else's birthday now!"


kristin said...

What a fun post! Oh, Izzy, I just wanna hug you - you're so cute!

Darla said...

So, now I wonder, did she think it was her birthday all the way from when she turned three until now? Oh, how those little minds work! :)

Joni said...

Yes, fun post! Hey- nice someone acknowledges your High and Esteemed role in the household, hey, Queen?!! Kids are so great!