Wednesday, March 30, 2011

My Life...

I keep trying to wait until I have a minute or 30 to sit down and post a right proper post, one that has a title, a purpose, a direction. Now, I don't consciously think of it that way but I know myself well enough to know that is basically what I am waiting for. Well, if I wait for all that to happen, I might as well never plan to blog again. So here it is, quick, to the point, and with no real sense of direction whatsoever. Last night: Rocked baby to sleep in the bedroom, came out about 9:30pm to start chasing the rest of the little urchins to bed, only to find my sweet little Princess Belle (3 y.o.) standing there looking at me and explaining, "Um, Mom. I peed AND I spilled my milk." I look beyond her to see a puddle the size of Lake Superior of pee and another the size of Lake Michigan of milk. I veered straight into the bathroom for papertowel and straight back out to wipe up the mess, only to see my 2 y.o. boy running through the puddles on his way back from running through it a millisecond before. In other words, I saw two sets of his tracks going through all this wetness! This morning, after 2 poopy diaper changes of my young son's and hearing my infant daughter loading her second diaper of the morning, I hear my Sweet Princess Belle squealing in distress. I turn to see a few hard balls of poop hit the floor, following closely by diarrhea. The beauty: we have no carpet, so it landed on linoleum and hardwood. The unbeauty: the liquidy stuff also landed on the small, 1" gap between the linoleum and hardwood of subflooring...yeah, that stuff that isn't exactly non-porous. Yeah. So, I grabbed her very quickly, after depositing Infant Daughter into a (now feverish) daughter's arms (then I didn't realize she was sick...and, mmmm, Infant Daughter really shouldn't be getting sick for fear of hospitalization...oh, I never blogged about that but she's been hospitalized 3 times since beginning of Feb.), ran her to the toilet, ran back out to Young Son running through the diarrhea! That's my life. Oh, and as I'm blogging about it all, I still children up. At 12:45 am. Why? I don't know. I would ask them but I don't think they would know either. So, I will just sign off and go to bed. =)


Joni said...

Whew! I feel your mad rush. It wasn't that long ago we were in mad-rush-ville here. Well, not so many years ago. I wish you lived close (or I lived close) and I could help you out. Help you out? Seems I can still never get my act together. Even tho' our youngest has graduated out of diapers ... imagine that! That means I am not getting up thru the night with babies, we rarely (knock, knock) have any sickness in the house even, it seems ... and I'm not dealing with dozens of diaper changes a day. I can't seem to get my act together - even with a helper in the house ... just means I am scatter-brained and non organized enough. But - it has not been so long ago that I was busy, busy, busy with 4 in diapers, and all the busy-ness that comes with that. And I would love to take a couple charmers off your hands every now and then, just to give you a nap or little breathing space!

Did you get my email, by the way, about the math program I just bought?

It'd be fun to talk - maybe I should call you ... !

Joni said...

Oh my! Could you erase my last comment? I just re-read it, and it's all jumbled, confusing, repetitive ... (can I make excuses? It was late, and I was using a computer that drives me crazy to type on!) I've lived thru such busy, busy phases, and now that we don't even change diapers anymore and have been overall extremely healthy in this house - I wish I could help you in your mad rush!!!