Monday, September 22, 2008

Wordful Wednesday: Ta-Da! *drumroll*

Or what would be an appropriate title for this? This is my 100th post!!! Oh, I feel so blabber-mouthy. That's kind of a lot of stories told.....On the other hand, it took me over a year to get to this point.

When I try think about what I should tribute this 100th post to, the only thing I can think of is, "What inspires nearly every post I ever write? Who provides me with endless material to write much material that I can only write about 1/3 of what I think could be blog-worthy before I get writer's cramps and just plain old run out of time? My girls! My unique and lovely girls!" So, here's to my girls, and here are some snapshots of just normal, everyday life at our house. Nothing necessarily funny or extraordinary. Just capturing different moments of life at our house.

Just the other day, I came out of the bedroom, after hearing much discussion and planning on the part of these two, and saw a "stand" set up. On the left are cups of raw carrot sticks with pieces of tortilla shells. They're going for $0.20/cup. On the right are cups of o.j., priced at an affordable $0.10/cup. I still owe them about $0.60 after paying them $0.40 so far for my and my 4 y.o.'s snacks. Perfect snacks to pack in my work lunch (not the o.j., of course), and pack 'em in I did. They're saving up for Webkins, since they are both sure that this is the only way they will ever own a Webkins in their lives!!!

Here's Bookworm #1. EVERY DAY after school, and I do not exagerrate, I must rip books out of the girls' hands to get them to start on their homework.

Here is my baking and cooking entrepreneur. Every day, around the time the kids are getting due to arrive home from school, I either get some snack started or get my supper going, if it involves any doughs or anything that may require some mixing and rising and such. This young lady always discovers any concoctions coming up and is always just under my left elbow, begging to mix in ingredients or kneed dough. Today I was making homemade pizza. She mixed in the last ingredients and then mixed the dough thoroughly. She told me today that every day when she gets in the house from school, she first thing washes her hands in case I'm baking something, she can jump right in. She oftentimes gets her hair back too, since that's my other requirement for baking or cooking with me (when I I didn't until she was elbow-deep into it).

Chess has found its way back out of the closet. This is a perfect fall and winter indoor activity. The oldest four girls know how to play chess and love getting a good game going. Today, since it's only been out for a few days, there were constant grumblings over whose turn it was or should be to play. I tried to base it on who all had their homework done.

And here's little miss cheesy herself! She has acquired a very wide and quite faky, but sooo cute smile as of late. Very often she will even bat her eyes at people and then flash this smile. She turns one today! How did that year go by so quickly?

Here are the youngest four on our "project day", the day we poured the cement for the basketball hoop (which, btw, should be going up tomorrow!!!).

And....Bookworm #2. Couldn't extract that nose from the book,
even to eat snack.
In the sandbox. One of the favorite places to play in the backyard.

And the nurturing that all of the girls have toward the baby is heartwarming. Baby is being hand-fed her snack, even though she could eat it by herself in the highchair.

....And...clowning around!!!

These kiddos of mine have been such of a blessing and I couldn't even imagine life without any one of them! The drama and the trauma, the bitter and the sweet, the rough and tumble, the soft and sweet. There are so many aspects these young ladies bring to my life and I anticipate years and years of many more beautiful (and sometimes not so beautiful, but just as valuable nonetheless) moments with them.


angie said...

Here's to your lovely inspirations. They are gorgeous!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

so sweet - just a lovely post!
Your girls are gorgeous!
Many congrats and birthday wishes!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Thanks for the run down on each of your beauties. Kids are a blessing/curse-- a I wouldn't be whole without them... I need to run away! Mix of emotions!

Bia said...

Hey, congratulations on your 100th post!

Mine came and went . . . I didn't realize until later that it just passed me by.