Friday, March 7, 2008

Who Can Tell Whose Baby Is More Content?

You can all shout, "Me! Me!" As evidenced by a sudden flurry of postings! :) She is much more content now, although she does still spit up volumes at times! She still spits up a lot but maybe not as much as before. She is finally taking pretty good naps once to twice a day and sleeps much better at night! Yay!!!

photos compliments of Miss Greta...pretty good action shot of her spitting up!


Joni said...

Oh, she's so cute! Haven't seen her for quite a long time. We've gotta get everyone well so we can start getting together! I think Minda has strepp, by the way - 3rd time smack-dab in a row.

Darla said...

Oh, how sickening! Well, you know our woes over here...won't even get into that but thanks for the encouraging words, as usual (on the phone today)! Made me feel much better! :)

carrie & troy keiser said...

yeah! :D