Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Sympathetic Family

(These pictures are supposed to give the "picture" of my post below...Sofi not feeling well, Holli-and the others-rolling their eyes and not really believing her. And, Sofia saying, "phooey to you all!")

Last Saturday night, as Sofia was running a temp at night, she suddenly came bolting into our bedroom, eyes wild and panicky-looking, babbling something about a cake. Something about, "cake in my keeps getting bigger and bigger...I keep trying to eat it and it just keeps getting big so fast I can't keep up! It's getting heavier and heavier...I can even feel it in my hands, and see it! I keep trying to tell my mind that it's not real but it doesn't help!" She was clearly hallucinating and was in a panic! I've never had a child hallucinate before. I shot out of bed, asking her again what she was talking about. She said that she woke up and started looking out at the moon and the snow and then started seeing dots begin to appear. Suddenly it was turning into blobs of cake and next thing, they were in her hands. She could see dots all over the top like frosting and she couldn't eat it fast enough. All night she kept getting this same "vision" as she was trying to get to sleep. Eric just moved over to her room and let her sleep by me. She spent most of the night up and on the computer in our bedroom cause she didn't dare fall asleep. Then whenever she started to get this hallucination, she would come to me in a panic, I would rub her hands, she would get grounded again, go back to the computer and then eventually back to sleep.

After the first episode, after we established the fact that she is okay and is probably having a fever-induced hallucination, as I was leaving the room with Sofi to tuck her back in (this was before we realized this was going to go on all night and Eric relocated), Eric just rolled over, looked over at Sofia and said, "Sofi?" Sofia said, "What?" Eric said, "Now if that happens again, with the cake thing, toss me a piece, would ya?" She just smiled and said, "Okay."
The next day, I was trying to explain to the girls that Sofi was really sick, and now don't they feel bad that they were basically saying she was probably lying about not feeling good just so she could get out of karate (which Sofi now loves). I reminded them that it was so serious she was 1/10 of a degree from going to ER according to the lady at Minute Clinic Friday night and she was hallucinating Saturday night.... After I explained what hallucinating means and told Holli how Sofi was battling this huge cake that she just couldn't eat fast enough, Holli kinda gave a little smirk and said, "Gee, I wish I would have that happen to me! That would be good to have all the cake you could eat!" I just gave her a look of pure hopelessness and she just smirked and shrugged, like, "Well, it would be!"

What a sympathizing family we have! All concerned about the right things!!! They just make me proud! :s


carrie & troy keiser said...

I think I would have completely FREAKED! I'm sure I would have reacted much differently! WOW!

Darla said...

I just happened to bring Holli in tonight (last nite technically..I'm up much too late) for bronchitis. I asked the Nurse Practitioner whom we saw about this hallucinating that Sofi had and she said that it's quite common and that, like febrile seizures, they tend to come on with a rapid change in temp. Sofi had just been running a low-grade temp about 20 minutes or so before but for some reason I decided to just give her Ibuprofen so she would sleep comfortably. I think it was cause I heard her starting to talk in her sleep and that, for my kids, usually is an indicator of a fever coming on. I just gave her Ibuprofen and tucked back in bed and then right after her first hallucination, her temp already was 101.7, if I remember right.