Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Finally, a computer on the internet!

So here we are, in the end of July already!  Now I will start blogging a bit more regularly since we finally  got a computer on the internet.  We have gone a couple years with no computers on the internet because we tended to forget to renew our antivirus/antispyware and we would get viruses eventually on our computers.  We just signed up with a new phone and internet service that offers free antivirus/antispyware.. Now we no longer have to worry about renewing our subscription for it...it's just there! Up to this point we've been using our phones or other small hand-held devices to get on the internet.  They are too hard to post on a regular basis with..

So, on this homefront, I am starting to prepare for a new baby.  I'm trying to get through our whole house and get rid of all that we don't need and organize all that we do.  We also have our oldest girl going to a confirmation camp tomorrow which she will attend for 1 1/2 weeks.  We will then be going there, to MI, to attend her confirmation activities for the weekend at the end of the camp.  Then it's only probably about 3 1/2 to 4 1/2 weeks after we get home that we will have a new baby!  So exciting but also nervewracking cause I feel like there's no way I will have gotten through everything I need to for our upcoming school year and a new baby before she's born!  Yikes!!!  But if I don't, she will still come, we will still be in our glory having a new baby and all the rest will fall into place!

Well, time to sign off.  I am not getting much done sitting on here! :)


Joni said...

Welcome back!! :)

kristin said...

Oh! Fun to see you back. Hey - did you announce your babe's gender? :)