Monday, January 2, 2012

Ahh, a new year!

I feel like the year is off to a very good start! I'm not sure why, I just do! I mean, we just had a tummy bug sweep through the household, swiftly and severely enough to merit me calling in to work the next a.m. That was still in 2011 though, AND that's one thing off the checklist now of things to do. "Major flu bug?" "Check!" Now we can move forward into the new year.

Another big plus, I've gone out and run both days of the new year. Santa geared me up to run safely this winter, so I have no excuse. I got a flashing red light to clip on me, some foot accessories involving carbide spikes to put over the bottom of my running shoes, and I got a "worker jacket." I will include a photo of that possibly tomorrow. Suffice it to say that if anyone sees me running in that thing, they may think there's a fleeing utility worker and glance around nervously for the utility box that's about to explode. It's actually really cute and I love it..super comfy and perfect, right down to the zippered outside pockets I can use for a flashlight in one and my cell phone in the other, the soft cuffs that do a swell job at keeping the arctic air out and a hidden hood I can pull out of its zippered compartment to act as a wind breaker over my stocking cap on the really blustery days! It's an honest-to-goodness utility jacket. Oh, the "worker guy"'s what one of my kids said when I opened it Christmas morning, "Oohhhh, that looks like a worker guy jacket!". It is, Dearie, it is. And I....I could be considered a worker guy!

Today it really helped to have a little mutt...I mean, pup...barking so loudly it honestly hurt our ears! As brutal as it seems to have to brave the elements and do what we have to do to burn this high energy dog's excess energy, believe me when I say it, it's truly more brutal to have to endure his barking! Going on a run with him Is well worth the trade-off of him being quiet for a few hours. And, going on a run with him is worthy of a post entirely devoted to that to topic! I will have to post about that when I post the pic of my running gear.

Oh yeah, a lovely event that happened the other day: our deep freeze was meddled with and we did nt discover it until one fine moment when one of the kids went to retrieve a food item from it and returned saying that the freezer smelled downright rotten. Yes indeedy it did! All our meat had rotted and the freezer smelled like we were storing cadavers in it. Thank you little toddler boy! I know you did it! BUT again, it happened in 2011. Done with. Another thing to check off our list. "Get rid of all our frozen foods! Time to start fresh for the new year!" "Check! Done deal!"

So, all in all, a very good start to 2012. A very good start indeed!

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imbeingheldhostage said...

Oh I am SO sorry about the freezer! Expense of it all aside, I know what a nasty mess it is to clean. My mom had the same thing happen to her & the meat bled out onto the floor. Yuck!
Good for you running already! I might get motivated sometime around June.
Here's to a healthy & happy New Year Darla!