Thursday, December 2, 2010

Hmm, Chocolate Toxicity...Is There Such of a Thing?

Those mint M&M's I mentioned the other night? I ate probably too many of them and just as I was tucking in to sleep that night, about 1am, I suddenly had a wretching stomache ache and then eventually diarrhea. I was up for hours, between sitting on the toilet and wondering if I was going to puke. I finally went to bed about morning I was fine.

I gave those mint M&M's to my 11 y.o. She was thrilled!

P.S. I didn't give my daughter the mint M&M's to poison her, btw. I just knew she wouldn't eat them by the handful after handful after handful like I did. :)


Kristin said...

Yikes! I would say your tummy definitely didn't like those! :( Glad you're feeling better!

Darla said...

Ok, Kristin (not sister Kristin)...where did you go? I'm trying to get on your blog but not able to...

Joni said...

mmmmmm.... mint m&m's ... mmmmm!!!

There is something quite close to those here - think fazer makes them - they're good, too. I think I need some now - so I'll give you credit when the scale show's a bigger number on Monday than it did this past Monday! I won't even share with the kids, because I don't think they'll even LIKE them! Heh!

I guess you know know that the Little Princess doesn't care for your something you like lots! But - there's always next year!