Sunday, October 17, 2010

A New Path...

The economy has finally bit us in the backside. My husband just got laid off from his job of 20 years. What a shock that was!

Just last week, E was told he was to go down to 3 day weeks. We've had that happen twice before over the last few years. His place of employment has surprisingly kept him busy thusfar all these years. Although we were a little concerned due to our baby due to be born at any point now and me being off work, we figured that we would be fine with the 3 days plus the little unemployment benefits he would receive during this slow time. We then found out that he wouldn't be receiving unemployment benefits for some reason. He explained it to me but I didn't really get it too well.

Well, on his first morning off, on this little mini- or partial-layoff, he got a phone call that he is being laid off fully, indefinitely.

We had a few hours of pure shock and utter disbelief, both of us just huge-eyed and wandering around the house, many times wondering out loud, "Now what?" Then a kind of peacefulness settled over us. We both agreed, this too has a reason for happening. Life happenings aren't just random, there is a reason for this too and we will someday understand why. Maybe we will even be happier for it, you never know.

Now we have decided to have him just help out around the house in the next week or so until baby is born, until he finds out one way or the other if the lay off looks for sure permanent or not, and then go from there.

Well, I will have to say, he makes a better housekeeper than I have been the last few weeks. He has had me lay low, just resting up for my possibly last weekend of work, and has totally taken over the house, the meals, and the kid cares. Wow, I never knew how nice that can be! Sometimes when he is just bustling around, doing all the stuff I usually worry about, I pull myself out of my chair and putz around along with the rest of the crew, trying to do my part. He just chuckles and tells me to sit down and relax, that I've done all this for so many years, it's about time he contributes, especially now that he has no job. What a dear man!

I truly believe we will be guided in the direction we are meant to be guided. In the meantime, I am going to enjoy this time waiting for baby, and count the many blessings I do have.

If all else fails, we have a solid Plan B. If E doesn't have any promising job leads by the time our baby is about 6 weeks old or so, I will plan to pursue full time hours as a nurse. I don't like to even think of that since my heart is with my other full time job-being a mom. I, however, recognize that it is a huge blessing that I am a nurse and probably can find work to support us.

Things are going to be incredibly tight for us for a couple months but we will survive and probably be more insightful, grateful, and wise for it all.


Kristin said...

I totally do not remember knowing that you were expecting again?!!! Did I know that and just forget? With my memory, that's totally possible. LOL!! Congrats!! I'm so sorry your husband got laid off. Praying for your family!

Joni said...

I was so sure I had posted something here ... guess not!

Must be kind of an anxious feeling, not knowing what's ahead. But - as Pete said, sometimes a layoff opens some better option. Just gives the push to go find that opportunity! In the mean time, it's nice you can enjoy having E around - so great that he's just taking over around the house!! Enjoy that!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Well bless you for your faith and being able to trust that feeling of peacefulness! I, on the other hand, have to be smacked over the head to understand anything in life that comes my way. You are a great example. I'll be praying for you as well friend.

Shellie said...

Oh, hope the transition to what lies ahead comes soon and isn't too painful. I'm sure things will fall into place one way or another. Sorry I haven't blogged more than 4 times a year, and read others about the same. I miss reading how everything is going for all my bloggy buddies, but I've been so busy it just had to go for a while. I keep trying to find a way to make it happen a little more frequently. Hope to update soon because lots is going on!