Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Our Twins!!!

They came, and they left! :(

This summer we were blessed with the presence of 17 y.o. twin girls from Finland. They are just about the nicest girls you could ever wish to have in your home. They were friendly, outgoing but not at all overbearing, helpful, patient with the kids, couldn't ever find a better package deal. They helped without us asking, did the dishes, took care of their own laundry, bedroom, bedding, baked, cooked....many times I would have to run an errand or just do some outside work, leaving my oldest two in charge, to come home to a meal cooking. They weren't here to be our nannies for sure, they were here to learn English and just kind of hang out with our family, but they were kind of unstoppable, those two! They are the oldest of 11 kids, so they are used to working hard. They many times told me they do much more at home so to them, they just preferred to keep busy.

Sadly, our camcorder charger was lost the entire time they were here and our camera for part of the time had dead batteries, then when I finally remembered to buy batteries, the memory card was missing! I finally bought a cheap memory card but then couldn't find the camera! We used their cameras the last night they were here and got some pics and they also promised to send me pictures that they took over the summer.

We will miss them greatly!!!!

Here, one of the girls is giving three of our girls a lesson in baking sampyla, a Finnish bread/bun that we fell in love with!

We will miss these girls greatly and hope to see them again!

As I was typing this post, I got a return text from one of them saying their trip went well and they will soon be home in northern Finland. They haven't seen their siblings yet...the kids are all waiting to see them, I'm sure!!!! :)

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kristin said...

Oh, fun - new posts! :) I'm so glad I got to meet your twins and got to see them several times. They were true sweethearts!