Wednesday, October 21, 2009

A Teenager Household

We are now officially a Teenager Household. Our oldest just turned 13! She's acted like a teenager (and I mean in the cool sense, of course) for a very long time so the transition will be quite smooth, I'm sure! :)

*Just a side note I meant to mention on my Oink Report: When I called the school Monday to report our kindergardener's absence, the nurse told me that so far that morning they had a 40% call in rate! She said she has had not ever seen numbers this high!


Shellie said...

Congratulations. I love teenagers. I know how you feel about blogging, I don't have much time for it either, and I keep forgetting to write down fun things the boys say and do! Oh well.

kristin said...

Wow! She's a teen. She is a very cool teen!

Joni said...

You will pave the way for me (I'll be a dork like I've always been when it comes to raising kids ... knowing the best advice to give until my kids reach that age ... then wonder who will give me the 'brilliant' advice I've given you in the past - now knowing I didn't actually know anything at all!) I have to learn to not spit out any advice, except if I truly have some wisdom after I've already experienced that phase of motherdom!

We're going to your old stomping grounds this weekend, by the way ... JKKO. Next year (when you guys are living here, too :-) ha ha ! I wish!) your family will join us for this weekend. I hope it's as nice as we're anticipating, and as we've heard it always is. It's the Thanksgiving Camp. And Ami already left with most of the crew - I'm here packing up and cleaning up and will leave with Derek in a while. He's at a birthday party. So I'd better scram. I actually came to the computer to turn it off for the weekend. Hi to your crew. Hopefully one day we'll actually be able to connect and visit!