Sunday, September 20, 2009

Another Updating Opportunity Passes...

I meant to have a full update, complete with pictures and all, but I had the night off Friday night and now last night I was pretty busy and veeerrryyy tired so I couldn't concentrate at all to even remember to update.

We don't have internet right now at home so I always just update myself on, blog, family page, etc. on the weekend.

Well, now it is time for my shift to end weekend!

Or we will get internet back up and running this week 'cause I kind of miss it already!!! It was a nice break to get grounded the end of this summer but now I need my internet resources and contact with the outside world. :)



Kristin said...

Hi! Yes, we need to see new pics of your little boy now! Hope everything's been going well!

Joni said...

Hey, hey, hey ..... you'd better get the internet up and running at home so we can start communicating with you guys! Email me if you can so I can send you an email - business wrap-up. And yes, get some pics on here! Your little guy is probably looking pretty different now! And the ladies!! :-)