Sunday, July 26, 2009

July in Review:

The Dane

Toddlers in Motion
(These photos were taken within about a 30 second time frame)

(My sisters two boys...the older one was holding the baby. Big Boy fell asleep, Baby began fussing, Big Boy quickly scooped Baby closer and inserted Baby's pacifier in his sleep!)


The Projects:

The Old

The New
The Inside of The New
(Although it was a year old, it had never been used)
The Installer Runner-Up
(I had taken out the old, unhooked everything, and was ready to install the new one when I noticed it need to be hardwired, not plugged in like it had been in its previous home. I was going to do the wiring too but decided that The Children might still need The Mother. The Dad has done lots and lots of hardwiring in his lifetime. Lots! So he became The Chosen Hardwirer!)

The Installed

The New

Uhhhh, where did The Old go! I guess I forgot to upload the pic of the old sink!

The Testers

Yup! It passes as a bathtub too!!!

Oh. One more The Old, The New:

Oops! It isn't letting me add any more pics. "Enough!" it said. So here is:
(missing) The Old
The Older (but new pic)

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kristin said...

Oh fun to see all the old, new pics. The frig dropped to $1,000 if you want it. It would match.

kristin said...

...and all the other pics - I love them. All the kids pictures are adorable.

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

EmmaLece has done the get the baby closer and insert plug while sleeping thing with the baby I sit. it is so cute when they instinctly care for the younger ones.
Congrats on all the news!

Darla said...

I would love to get the fridge too. Ours is acting up even more. I will have to talk to E about it! :)

Shellie said...

Great pics and so exciting to have a new dishwasher and sink, I'm sure!