Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Wordful (and Picture FULL) Wednesday: The Month (or Two) In Review

Here's the little man, getting bigger! And the two babies keeping an eye on each other in the van. This is Memorial Day weekend. There's a shot of my oldest and youngest taking a nap together at the cabin we rented.

At the cemetery where my mom and infant brother are buried. On the left, "Um, you're standing on someone there! Hellooo!" (The 11 y.o. to the 12 y.o.)

Two of the girls standing at my mom's grave site. The 4 y.o. had just woken up while we were there and stumbled out of the van, walked over where my mom's headstone is, sat down and just was... She didn't really stare at it but more just was in her own world, gazing at the headstone. I had snapped a few more that turned out much better (here she kind of sensed me there and stretched and turned around) but they clearly had our family name on the stone and I would prefer not to have that on this blog.

Dad and girls......then one gravesite that had the most beautiful purple flowers growing all over and one precious angel sitting in the thickest part. The little footstone it is sitting watch over is one of a small child, an infant, if I am remembering correctly.

Homeschool projects:

Chicks one day old in first two pics, then about a month old in last picture. They are laying hens and will reside at my husband's parents' place, where we will take care of them and gather eggs, sharing them with our in-laws.

"The Secret Garden"
This was part of my Mother's Day gift from my husband and kids. They secretly had it tilled and partially seeded without my knowledge of it. This, too, is at my husband's parents' house.

Art Day! One of the girls picked mask-making so they were given only that for direction. I was very impressed how creative they were! I didn't get many pictures because my memory card was full and it was so time consuming to delete pictures.
Here's a phy-ed shot. The older two are teaching the younger one how to ride bike.

Everyone's enjoying Daddy being home from a business trip!

Oh, So Tired!

The little fella looks like he's already taken a few lessons from Dad. Church time is just so hard to keep the eyes open! Sooo relaxing!

Another niece's wedding! She's my godchild and married her sister's husband's brother. They are SOOO delightfully cute!

A girl and her dog! It was a dress-up day for the big girls that day!

Oh, I've got a kazillion and two more pictures to post but I will spare you all until I have another chance to blog! :) Actually I'm getting down to not too many more!


imbeingheldhostage said...

wow, I need a nap. How do you do it all?! Those masks are wonderful! The gravesite shots were very peaceful, that baby boy is growing a little too fast, and my do you have your hands full with the homeschool projects!!

Kristin said...

I loved seeing all the pictures. Glad to hear you're all doing so well!

Marrdy said...

I love Memorial Day and going to cemetaries. And your niece married her brother in law..that is pretty cool!

SuburbanCorrespondent said...

sister's husband's brother...is that legal?

And is your husband able to recognize the baby? I still haven't forgotten that hysterical story from when #6 was a wee one.

McClure Family said...

wow- what a month!!

my ww:

kristin said...

I love all the new pictures! Fun to hear about life in your household!

Joni said...

Fun pictures (again!!) I love the mask, too - what a great idea!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

What a great bunch of pix. Looks like you've been busy. What a sweet little guy you've got!
The masks are awesome.

Shellie said...

Wow, those are great pics. The little prince is getting so pinchable chubby cheeked! Looks like homeschool is going fabulously!

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Shel @ Life With Seven said...

You have a beautiful family!