Wednesday, December 10, 2008

What Do You Do With....?

Our 4 y.o., yes, this 4 y.o., can actually be quite shy!

Doesn't appear to be the shy type in this photo, but we had her go through preschool screening twice and she wouldn't answer anything except in a very, very small, quiet whisper and only to me, in my ear, in a very tickley kind of way!!!

Because of this, at the second screening, although they gave her credit for answering to me, then me saying the answer out loud and she passed, they decided to do an in-home screening to see if she would be more comfortable in her comfort zone-at home.

On the morning of her screening, after I got home from work, I remembered that I hadn't finished her paperwork for this screening. I looked over all the forms, finished the few things I had left, and then noticed a 300 question questionaire that had to still be completed. In that questionaire, there were areas such as, "Does your child know how to recite the complete alphabet?" and "Can your child name at least three colors?" and "Can your child count at least up to 10?" then a little later, "Can your child count at least up to 15?" then a little later, "Can your child count at least up to 20?" Then, "Can your child dress independently?" "Can your child dress independently and button up a button-up shirt or sweater?" "Can your child hop on one foot?" "...hop on one foot at least three hops?" "...stand on one foot without assistance?" I would many times just look at a question and just go, "Huh? Didn't they just ask me that?" I mean, how many combinations can one think of that has to do with one foot???

Okay, moving onward. At one point, they asked, "Is your child able to tell you what certain body parts do when asked, such as what he/she does with his/her eyes, ears, nose, etc.?" Does she ever!!! Me: "Um, what do your eyes do?" Her: "Roll!" Me: "What do your ears do?" Her: triumphantly and confidently, "Wiggle!" Me: smirking at this point "What does your nose do?" Her: "Umm, what does yours do?" I paused for a minute, then thought, "I suppose I should ask it how they worded it. Although it does seem more unclear to me...for a 4 y.o." Me: "Okay, what do you do with your eyes?" Her: "See!" Me: "What do you do with your ears?" Her: "Listen!" Me: "What do your do with your nose?" Her: ".....mmm....Pick!"

I couldn't help it, I just snorted out with a tiny burst of laughter and quickly tried to mask it with a snuffle and cough. She didn't like it. "Don't laugh!" she reprimanded. I tried to lamely say I was laughing at the next question, which was very funny. I don't think she bought it!


Kristin said...

LOL! That's funny! My Kindergartener is the same way. They tested her at the beginning of the year to see what she knows, and someone other than her teacher was quizzing her, and she wouldn't answer anything! They told her teacher that they thought she needed to be in remedial classes, and her teacher just laughed and said, "No, she knows the answers!" So her teacher tested her and she did fine and knew all of the answers. She was just too shy to do it in front of someone she didn't know.

Joni said...

I LOVE it! So funny! It's funny that they want to come into the home to do the screening - if you're not planning to send her to K. next year, can't they just rescreen next fall? Or, since she passed, why do they want to rescreen at all? Well, I guess it doesn't pertain to me at all, but ... on the other hand, there's nothing wrong with screening at home, hey?! So how did that screening go? Did she warm up any more? I love the 'pick' story!!!

Tiaras and Tantrums said...

300 questions - that is sort of silly I think!!

Kellan said...

How funny! She is just darling and sounds like a little angel!

Take care - Kellan

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Oh man! That is funny!

imbeingheldhostage said...

That is hilarious! Noses are for picking... I think I'm going to withhold that info from my boys...oh, too late.