Wednesday, November 26, 2008

The Month (whoa, was it a MONTH?) In Review

Ahhhh, it was a nice break actually. First, when I decided to take a break to hammer down already and get my nursing continuing education credits done, I thought I would have severe withdrawals from blogging. I didn't. It actually was kinda nice. I took a break entirely for a little bit and tried real hard to get my courses done. Then, I snuck into my favorite blogs and just lurked around. I read them quietly and just as furtively snuck out. Then after a bit longer, I commented on a few as well as lurking on the regulars. What I noticed is that I was just ready for a hermit's life for a little bit.

Well, I got all my credits done as of a few nights ago. Here are some of our month's shots. I have pictures in various places so I have a few more posts worth of pics.

Relaxing, yet hair-raising. That was our month.
Baby's favorite place as of late: the Kitchen!!!

HEY! What do you think you're doing?

Oooops! Busted!

Hang on a minute! Here. Have some. It's delicious!

One of the girls dressed her up as "Christmas Baby". She was dazzling!

My little poser (one of them).

Remember my post from about a year ago? The one about this little lovey crying and crying and crying? This one.
Well, this little girl is so good natured. She doesn't cry that much anymore. Now I can say, "See this little girl? She smiles and smiles and smiles." She's a charmer!


(Ummm, I'm not sure where she learned to pose like this. I think she just makes it up as she would see what I mean if you watched her posing for pictures. She just kinda...acts...or flounces around like she always does in her little life, with a few crossed arms thrown in for good measure. I think her oldest sister, the photog that she is, taught her to cross her arms for some pics and she hung on to that tip!)

And in her dressier dress-up dresses:

Big Sis joins in the dress-up fun:

Our latest charge. These two 4 y.o.'s are so much alike. They get along pretty well. And when they don't, they are very equally versed in their bickering. They even bicker alike. We babysit this young lady now, and when we aren't babysitting her, we still enjoy her and her cousin's company several times a week.

Our activities as of late. The older sister of the 4 y.o. asked me tonight, when she saw all the bags of food and treats after I came home from the grocery store, "Are you having a party over here for the girls tonight?" I just told her, "Every day is a party over here when I'm pregnant! I looove eggnog, and mint M&M's, and gingerbread cookies, and chips with chili and cheese...." She just laughed! The kids are loving it! And I'm gaining weight a bit more than my last few pregnancies! :) Here, we had just finished supper of rotisserie chicken, bread, chili with cheese, chips, and eggnog. The girls are decorating their sugar cookies for dessert.


Tiaras and Tantrums said...

love the photos of baby girl!!

One Fine Lady said...

Geez..I sure didn't time my pregnancy right...this would have been the perfect season for going crazy with food! I love your little girls - they are just such girly girls with their dressing up. I know they have their non girly sides as well too...I'm so excited to see how girly P is. And I'm thinking you'll get to see how destructive boys are with this pregnancy. There, my official guess! Have a great Turkey Day!

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

Sounds like a party at your house! :)
I'm so bummed that if we had only know we could have said Hi and met in person at the airport! That would have been so cool. Thanks for always stopping by and checking in with me and for your comments.

Shellie said...

I just barf when I'm pregnant. Glad your baby is happy now! And I love the Christmas baby and the Junie B. shots, she really has the same attitude! Cute!

imbeingheldhostage said...

Did I know you were pregnant? How did I miss that? Did I not miss it and my head cold/allergy medicine has erased part of my brain?
See, I was going through this post thinking what a perfect month's summary it was and then POW, you're pregnant. Congrats (maybe again)!
and Congrats on wrapping up those credits!!

Jacki said...

Congrats on getting all your credits done!!