Friday, May 2, 2008


I just realized I haven't come back on here to let know what that meeting regarding our business that I mentioned in my last post was all about.

We met with this lady who sells forms of advertising that are about "businesses helping other businesses". So our suspicions were partially right about the advertising part of it but it turns out it is a very good opportunity for us to advertise for a very reasonable price.

This lady said their company sells this package including a 2-year subscription to eight magazines of the hosting business' choice (in our case, the Senior Center). We, the other business, get a nice wooden display rack for these magazines, nice display magazine covers or binders...the back cover is black and the front is clear, see-through, and there is a 7"x7", very nice color advertisement of 0ur business sealed onto the backside of the front cover, so you can see our ad displayed right in the middle of the front cover. We picked out a photo also, since it's more eye-catching.

This lady we met with said that she's sold to this same Senior Center before and now just went back since they didn't have anyone advertising there at this time. The Senior Center director suggested us to be displayed there. Although it's totally and independent advertising on our part, it is an "implied endorsement" on the part of the Senior Center and we have exclusive advertising there via this method now for 2 years. It's a very active place so now I hope this will help us with marketing our business. Also, inside the back cover is a pocket for us to keep filled with our brochures, which I just finished sketching a design for so now it's just a matter of getting to our office at my sister's and getting the brochure put together and printed off and... oh, yeah, the website needs to be set up! Then our website name will be put on the brochure and added to the ad for the magazines when we get the first proof back. So much fun!!!

One fun story: The other day, I had our 3 y.o. in a public bathroom somewhere, can't remember where we were. As she was wiggling her way onto the toilet, she was muttering something about the toilet seat and said something that I only heard as, "...mutter, mutter....moron.....sputter, mutter". I didn't get too worked up over it, I think I'm pretty desensitized to a small extent and save my focus and indignation to bigger issues..but did feel it to be my motherly duty to at least bring it to her attention that "moron" isn't such of a nice word to use. I said, "Um, young lady, that's not a real nice word to be using...then me, muttering, 'How do you learn these words, anyway?'......" Then after a little bit, for the benefit of whoever happened to be right in the next stall (I felt that she could have heard it from one of her sisters but it sounded familiar to my husband's vocab when driving down the freeway behind someone that just isn't as smart as he is when it comes to driving), I said, "It sounds a little bit like one of your sisters...." and didn't even finish before she swung her gaze and brilliant smile up toward me and said, "My pee?" (sounds like one of her sisters). I got a good chuckle out of that one!


Joni said...

Ha, ha! That's funny - I just love the cute sayings at this age! Like Katja (same age) saying the other day that if someone falls of the tramp and breaks their arm, we'll bring them straight to the doctor ... 'and we'll take the arm along, too!'

Cookie said...

Hope you had a good mother's day!
Thanks for reading my blog recently. I was just wondering if you ever gave couponing a try yet?
Also, hope Eric's foot is better soon! Sounds like you have a lot going on.
That is funny about the 3 year old asking if her pee sounded like her sister. I bet she was hoping it did!

Shellie said...

Sounds busy but like things are going great. The 3 yo comment is too cute.

Darla said...

Joni-regarding Katja's comment..isn't it funny how you can forget having those kind of "literal" thoughts (broken arm=arm broken off) until one of the kids says something like that? Then you can almost remember (I say almost cause it just is getting to be sooo many years since I've even been remotely close to that age) having those kinds of pictures in your brain when you hear something like "broken arm".
Cookie-this is how my Alzheimer's brain works...I no sooner hit the "enter" button after writing that post that I will be going straight to the coupon website you mentioned, and I got distracted by something and forgot to go to that site!!! I remembered later when I was driving somewhere and of course couldn't do anything about it. Now I am going to go straight there and look at the coupons! If I remember....:s !!!
Shellie-You got it right on! It is busy but good. I every once in a while worry that when I blog about how busy it is, I might sound like I'm complaining or falling apart. I'm not...or at least, not usually! :) It is just a crazy, crazy busy...amazing so...but still so, so good! Of course, there are times that I think I will be transported straight to the place with padded walls (or at least I kind of wish for least I will finally have a nice, clean, quiet place I can take a NAP!!!) but usually it's not so bad. Joni usually hears about the padded wall days! :)

carrie & troy keiser said...

I'm glad to read that your business is moving forward. Good luck with the next phase.
Funny story! thanks for the smile this morning!
I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!

Darla said...

Thank you, Carrie, I really had a nice Mother's Day! I hope you did too!!! :)

Carrie and Troy Keiser said...

I'm pretty sure you've dropped off the planet......