Saturday, April 5, 2008

In Hiatus!

In case anybody noticed, I haven't been blogging much lately. Our computer monitor went on the blinx a few weeks ago and we have actually all enjoyed the break from too much of the outside world. I have a business laptop that I can keep up with emails and such and really could keep this updated but I've just chosen not to. I'm not sure if anyone's been by lately or not. I periodically check the site meter to see what number it's on. Then the next time I visit my own blog, I might remember to look at the number again. I don't know why I bother; I can't remember from the time before even remotely where the number was. It might have gone up. Maybe it stayed the same. It could have even gone down for all I know. People may begin to take their visits back since I haven't updated in a while! All I know is that I don't get as many visits as Dawn Meehan's blog, "Because I Said So!" Or suburbancorrespondent's, "The More, The Messier!" Or "Navel Gazing at its Finest" or the variety of other blogs I like to check into ("The Upside", "Little But Loud"-everyone needs to read at least the post about mammograms on her blog!, "The Keiser Family" and...can't remember the rest of the names just right now) because with the site meter right at 2300, it's not high enough to have that kind following. Which is all fine with me, I think I would feel a little bit of pressure with that kind of following! :)

Anyway, I still will update this from time to time but mostly I will just pop into other people's blogs and enjoy their writings! Happy Spring, everyone! Remember, positive thinking can't hurt...we need a bit more Springy weather already!


Cecily R said...

I'm thinking Springy thoughts as we speak. It might be working!!

I'm always glad to see comments from you...I'll keep checking in here!!

carrie & troy keiser said...

Hey I was wondering where you'd been. How is your business going?
Thanks for the shout out for me! :)
Did you get your monitor fixed, then?

Darla said...

We've been only on one exposure run so far. We went into a small community Senior Center for an informational session, for lack of a better term. :) We had a very positive response...for the most part! At the end of our very short presentation and after answering many questions, we got some good feedback and actually got an invite to another Senior Center and the suggestion to contact another center to see if they would be interested to hear our presentation. We go to our second Senior Center tomorrow (today I guess). It's just been loads of fun just getting out and getting our name and mission statement or business' vision out to people. We have had such of a good reception. We just haven't yet put so much time into the marketing end of it since we want to just get out there and spread the word as we are able and let it take off as it will. My husband has foot surgery in two days and then will be home for 6-8 weeks. I anticipate then that I will hopefully have time to really get out and get our word out there! The whole process of putting everything together has been so much fun in itself! It helps that my sister and I have always gotten along very well and are a lot alike or have similar ideas. Also, as alike as we are, at the same time our strengths are in different areas and seem to compliment each other! Fun, fun!

Our monitor is not fixed yet. I'm on my laptop now but usually have this off. My brother told me what he thinks it is and it sounds like a pretty easy fix. I don't know if I want it fixed yet though! I love it when my kids can't hound me about going on the computer! :)

Cecily, thanks for the Springy thoughts! They seem to be working! It's been pretty nice here the last few days! :)

Shellie said...

I'm sure you've been busy with the baby and the business and all, so I wait patiently for when you have the time and the desire to post! I'll jump in to read whenever I see ya on my reader. I SO NEED SPRING!

Kellan said...

Hi Darla - so nice to see you!! It is hard to keep up with a blog and also take care of kids and house, etc - I know - it is hard. It was so nice to see you - I hope to continue to see you around - take care - Kellan

Kellan said...

I hope spring settles in for you for good - REAL SOON!