Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I'm having withdrawals!!!

I am so missing my camera! I went to use it a couple weeks ago to find that the battery was gone from the camera! I think that the girls were using it and the battery died so they put the battery charging. I found the charger but no battery!?!?! I have had many potential pictures I have wanted to put on here!
Finally got out a few times for marketing our business. We are first trying to use all free marketing (flyers, internet) since we really have no timeline that we have to be started by. Of course we want to get going but we don't have any big expenses yet, so we don't at least have huge pressures of getting going. If anyone has any ideas of how to get our name out to people, especially the families of Senior Citizens, let me know! We've met with a couple people too to get our name "out there". One was at a Senior Center, and we set up a couple hours in March where we will meet with people to answer any questions and maybe even set up some clients for service if they are interested. Then one lady we met with is from Senior Outreach. She will just refer people to us if their needs meet our service.
Baby has finally started to take official naps, though not every day does she take a true nap (like a couple hours) but many cat naps that usually end right about the time I decide to put her down. She is a lot happier than she used to be. We started her on Zantac about 1 1/2 weeks ago, I think. I'm pretty sure that's been helping her. Just to make sure it wasn't just a coincidence and she didn't just reach that point where she was turning the corner on her own, I will probably take her off of it for a few days after she's been on it for about a month or so and see how she does.
If anything else interesting has happened, I've since forgotten! I'm finally cleaning my basement since I went on bedrest in September!!! Yippee!!! Now that's true excitement!


Christine said...

Glad to hear Zantac is working. It helpe dout little guy almost 10 years ago.

Joni said...

Well, I know where our camera (with a dead battery in it) is now. I know where our other battery is now even (ours was lost for a while, too!), but both batteries are so worthless that I hardly use the camera at all. I know, there'd be so many pictures to capture ...

Okay, so we start to target Dr's offices, hospitals, ??? I just know we have a good business ready for someone to catch on to!

Baby's hacky cough ... rrrrrr! Hopefully Lukie doesn't get it, on top of his already not-the-greatest respiratory condition at the time. I'm sure he will ... well, can't do much about it now.

Let's see ... anything else I can bore you with? I guess I should be productive and get lunches ready for tomorrow?!

carrie & troy keiser said...

aggrh on the camera battery! I know all about camera troubles! Good to hear that your little one is happier! that makes everyone happier:).

Darla said...

Yep! Now Eric's out of town (and yes, I do know where he is this time...I asked him while talking to him on the phone when he was at the airport waiting for his flight out) so she is being a little bit of a stinker! She does add in some good days too now though with her more fussy ones so that at least gives me hope! :)

Shellie said...

Hope you have a functioning camera again soon! I would be so sad!